Latest news items

  • The City of Gothenburg implements NetClean ProActive

    The City of Gothenburg becomes the largest municipality in Sweden to implement a technical solution to stop child sexual abuse and the spread of child sexual abuse material. 43 000 computers will have NetClean ProActive installed. With public sector being Sweden’s largest employer, the City of Gothenburg takes an important…

  • Watch our new film – The Dilemma

    On any ordinary day, while at work, there are people all over the world that watch child sexual abuse material on their business computers. We also know that there is a strong link between watching child sexual abuse material and hands-on offending. If we can find these individuals, we can…

  • Watch the film from #Skillnadpåriktigt 2015

    In October 2015 we organised the seminar #skillnadpåriktigt (Making a real difference) – a day on how we together can stop child sexual abuse. Over 130 people attended the day and listened to speakers from Interpol, Swedish and international law enforcement, private industry and public sector. Watch the film for…

  • Launch of parent company Safety Society Group

    Today, Safer Society Group has launched, established as part of a new organizational structure the company will act as a parent company to NetClean and Griffeye. The group’s mission will be to establish and lead technology companies helping to create a safer and better society.

  • NetClean Analyze becomes Griffeye Analyze

    As the Safer Society Group is created, the digital media investigation platform NetClean Analyze is moved into the new peer company Griffeye, and is rebranded Griffeye Analyze. Like NetClean, Griffeye is a subsidiary to the Safety Society Group.

  • Safer Society Group donates the world’s leading technology for child sexual abuse investigations

    To solidify our commitment to fighting child sexual abuse, today, we are proud to announce that the Analyze technology will be donated to the international, non-governmental organisation ICMEC and Project VIC in the US.

  • Overview of organizational changes

    Newly created Safer Society Group will become the parent company of two subsidiary businesses, NetClean Technologies and newly launched Griffeye Technologies.

  • ​Tracking – new feature in ProActive

    Tracking is a new feature in ProActive that makes it possible to detect an external disk that has previously had a reported incident, as soon as it’s reconnected to a computer with ProActive installed – even if the illegal files are not opened.