Solutions for companies large and small

The work computer is one of the most common devices used by perpetrators to access child sexual abuse material. Prevent crime by adopting a firm position.


Public sector solutions

The safety and security of children is the responsibility of everyone in the community. Protect children from sexual abuse, secure your workplace against illegal activity, and identify individuals who have a sexual interest in children.


Solutions for hotels and open WiFi

Prevent open networks from being used to download or circulate child sexual abuse material. Demonstrate social responsibility that makes a difference.


Telecom solutions

Block access to websites containing child sexual abuse material without compromising performance. Install a powerful router-based doorkeeper.


Solutions for Law Enforcement

Analyze is the leading technical solution to efficiently process large volumes of images and videos, screen out irrelevant digital files and aid the user in identifying the most pertinent material through automated routines and visual navigation, and is used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.