A router based solution

From a network point of view, the WhiteBox is installed as a router which announces suspected IP numbers through BGP to the core network. The main advantage of this system is that the amount of filtering capacity required is relatively small due to

the fact that only the traffic that is going to the IP addresses relating to the blocklist is being inspected.  This means that the system can be installed in large networks such as those used by large national ISPs and international carriers.



“Your web browser has tried to access a website with, by the police classified, child sexual abuse material…” 

A URL inspection device matches the requests in the traffic against the block list, and if there is a match, a block page is displayed instead of the requested page, otherwise the traffic is forwarded to the destination unaltered.


Latest version of URL list from selected distributors.

The NetClean WhiteBox retrieves a block list from Interpol, Internet Watch Foundation and other sources. These addresses are announced via BGP to the ISP routers with the intent of redirecting this traffic via the NetClean WhiteBox.



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