NetClean partners with CY4OR to tackle growing complexity of Internet crimes

NetClean partners with CY4OR to tackle growing complexity of Internet crimes
15 January, 2013 NetClean

NetClean partners with CY4OR to tackle growing complexity of Internet crimes

NetClean, a world leader in technical solutions for preventing the spread of child sexual abuse content, has today announced its partnership with CY4OR, a digital forensic services specialist.

CY4OR carries out investigations of all types of Internet-based crimes, including terrorism, fraud and child sexual abuse content. Under the partnership, NetClean’s customers will be offered this service as part of their existing solution.

When NetClean’s software identifies the viewing, sharing or creating of child sexual abuse content, CY4OR can quickly initiate an immediate investigation. This means the organisation no longer has to get involved in the distressing process or risk affecting crucial digital evidence. CY4OR’s services will immediately isolate the computer, take forensic images, establish the time frame, secure the evidence, attain custody and then hand the issue over to the relevant police force.

As well as having strong relationships with police forces, CY4OR offers preventative work to organisations. The company develops IT security strategies, policies and procedures, to establish the necessary processes for when an incident occurs.

“This is a mutually beneficial arrangement,” said Keith Cottenden, director of Forensic Services at CY4OR.

“As soon as those using NetClean’s software receive an alarm, CY4OR can immediately initiate investigations. Many things can go wrong if organisations try to handle an alarm themselves. Evidence may be destroyed, time stamps may be altered and a crime could even be committed if material is passed on. CY4OR acts as an intermediary, understanding what needs to be reported and what doesn’t, and the procedures that need following to isolate an incident.”

Christian Berg, CEO at NetClean said:

“NetClean’s partnership with CY4OR is a response to the ever increasing volume and complexity of child sexual abuse cases. We believe our partnership with CY4OR will truly enhance the solution we already provide to organisations, offering customers greater peace of mind. Together with CY4OR, as well as law enforcement and organisations worldwide, we hope to catch even more offenders, meaning that thousands more vulnerable children can be saved.”