Sophisticated tool aids police in child sexual abuse investigations

Sophisticated tool aids police in child sexual abuse investigations
10 October, 2013 NetClean

Sophisticated tool aids police in child sexual abuse investigations

NetClean Analyze DI 13 makes it simpler for police forces to process complex child sexual abuse investigations involving unprecedented amounts of data.

London, UK, October 10, 2013 – NetClean, a world leader in technical solutions for preventing the spread of child sexual abuse (CSA) content, has incorporated a powerful new engine and sophisticated functionality into its Analyze DI software. This speeds up and simplifies the process of reviewing and analysing digital data and helps police forces to more easily identify victims in CSA cases.

The continued rise in the number of large and complex CSA cases has led to an exponential increase in the amount of individual image and video files to multiple terra-bytes. With limited or no access to additional resources, police forces are struggling to process the volumes of data in a timely manner.

— Investigations into child sexual abuse crime are growing in size and changing in nature, explained Johann Hofmann, Analyze product manager at NetClean. — We realised that our solutions must grow and change at the same rate. In response to this, we have updated Analyze DI with some advanced features and revamped the engine to make better use of computer hardware. It is designed to help police forces to process cases faster and identify new victims more effectively in the face of unprecedented volumes of digital media data.

— Analyze 13 has provided us with innovative new tools to help process complex and cumbersome investigations, said Colm Gannon, Inspector of Publications at the Department of Internal Affairs in Wellington, New Zealand. — Thanks to the new engine, we have been able to process cases at least 50% faster, regardless of whether 500 or 500,000 images are involved. Quicker and more accurate investigations ultimately lead to solving and bringing to court a greater number of cases. We have found the improved Find Similar Images and Active Thumbnails functions particularly helpful. They allow us to make both technical and visual comparisons of images, which means it is easier for us to carry out detailed victim analysis.

The launch of Analyze DI 13 sees the introduction of new concepts such as Active Thumbnails and a ‘Basic Mode’. Active Thumbnails is an innovative UI concept that enables users to digest large amounts of data, particularly in video format, quickly and easily. The new technology extracts frames from video footage, allowing users to intuitively scroll through a compressed storyboard of stills and identify instances of abuse without needing to view reams of footage. Basic Mode strips the product down to its core capabilities: reporting, managing image signature libraries, and reviewing and managing cases. This ensures that police officers can simply and effectively process investigations, even as they are becoming larger and more complex. Given the man-hours spent using investigative tools like Analyze, ease of use can have a dramatic impact on productivity and effectiveness.

New applications and functionality

In addition, the latest version of Analyze also arms users with new applications and functionality from the NetClean Forensic Market. These include:

  • Fuzzy Keyword Matching: helps users to identify high-risk material by searching for specific keywords in filenames
  • Securus Keyword Dictionary: a glossary of terms often used in CSA images rings: enables police to run a rough search of seized material and assess the likelihood of finding illegal films and images
  • ‘Phase 1’ of the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) utility pack: facilitates the submission of material from police officers to NCMEC, a central node in the US for tackling CSA crime

— It’s clear that NetClean has acted on the feedback provided by end users of Analyze, added Gannon. — The software has evolved exactly in line with our needs. The Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand is a long-term user of Analyze and we look forward to continuing the relationship.

NetClean Technologies provides the Analyze DI software free of charge primarily to law enforcement agencies as well as national and federal agencies responsible for CSA investigations. It is currently being used in 25 countries worldwide.

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