Work at netclean

We are constantly looking for talented and committed people with leadership qualities, innovative thinking and analytical skills to join our team

There is no such thing as the correct background, school, or degree – the most important thing is your personality and attitude. What we can offer is an entrepreneurial and creative environment. We think it is important to keep the application process short and simple. Both your and our time is too precious for a long and complex process.

Available positions

NetClean is, together with it’s sister company Griffeye, part of Safer Society Group. You can find all available positions for the group at the Safer Society Group webpage.

As an employee at NetClean

As an employee at NetClean, you will interact with competent, interesting and friendly people every day.

These people could be your new colleagues, customers or one of our partners. Since most of our customers are global leaders in their field, they are also valuable sources of inspiration, knowledge and new ideas for us.

Here you will be able to continue developing your skills throughout your career. You will have the opportunity to work with customers in different sectors, with various types of technology and processes.