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Mats Granryd

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Camille Cooper

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Dr. Joanna Rubinstein
World Childhood Foundation USA

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John F. Clark

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Dr. Christoffer Rahm
Karolinska Institutet

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Katarina Görts Öberg

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Anna Borgström

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Conor Griffin
The Economist Intelligence Unit

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Uri Sadeh

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John Rouse
Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation

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Emma Higham
Google Search

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Nikola Todorovic
Google SafeSearch Engineering

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Rennie Mirro

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Welcome to the Brighthood Conference 2019


Ethical leadership and sustainable businesses – leading change in the mobile industry

Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA
As Director General of GSMA, Mats Granryd led the mobile industry in becoming the first sector to commit to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mats Granryd will share his view of SDGs impact on children and their importance going forward into the future and talk about the importance of ethical leadership in this digital age when we aim to connect everyone and everything.


Using tech and treatment to prevent child sexual offending – PreventIT and Preventell

Dr. Christoffer Rahm, Principal Investigator Priotab, Researcher Karolinska Institutet, Chief Psychiatrist Psychiatric Clinic South Stockholm and Katarina Görts Öberg, PhD, Psychologist and Head of ANOVA
Can therapist-assisted online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment be an effective treatment model for people who view and share child sexual abuse material online? That is what the research project PreventIT is trying to find out, by contacting those individuals on the darknet and offering them a new anonymous treatment. PreventIT is run by ANOVA at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Behind it is years of experience, from the ANOVA clinic and the helpline Preventell, of reaching out to individuals with risk factors of committing child sexual abuse.



How close cross-sector collaboration can help safeguard children

John F. Clark, President and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in the USA is a great example of what can be achieved through cross-sector collaboration. As a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, NCMEC collaborates closely with law enforcement, with embedded agents working within the organisation, as well as with the private industry, platform providers, policy makers and even the general public. John Clark will share the NCMEC story, from the start to where it is now as the central hub for all industry reporting in the US, as well as the hotline for the general public. He will also highlight some selected cases where children have been safeguarded thanks to this close collaboration.



Light lunch and snacks.


New study reveals how companies protect themselves against child sexual abuse material – Soft launch of the NetClean Report 2019

Anna Borgström, CEO, NetClean
The NetClean Report is a yearly report on child sexual abuse crime. The data is gathered across the world from police officers who specialise in child sexual abuse crimes. It adds to the growing knowledge bank worldwide about child sexual abuse, and it brings a unique insight into what law enforcement and employers do to stop this crime.


Experience from lobbying in child protection and the creation of the HERO program – US veterans trained in counter-child-exploitation and digital forensics

Camille Cooper, Vice President of Public Policy, RAINN
Camille Cooper has helped create some of the largest reforms in child exploitation and child protection in the US. She will discuss a range of topics, from her work at RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US to the creation of HERO Corps, which is a program designed to put military veterans into new law enforcement careers as elite, highly trained counter-child-exploitation professionals.


Fighting child sexual abuse at the international level. 

Uri Sadeh, Coordinator, Crimes Against Children Unit, INTERPOL
INTERPOL facilitates collaboration between law enforcement agencies across the world. In his speech Sadeh will talk about the role of INTERPOL in this crime area, and give examples of successful international operations and cooperation.

Sadeh will also review child sexual abuse as it is seen by law enforcement today, and how it is impacted by technological developments.


Coffee break


New tools for measuring the progress on ending child sexual abuse and exploitation

The Index for assessing 60 countries’ response to child sexual exploitation and the ITU UNESCO Broadband Commission Report on Child Safety Online

Conor Griffin, Regional Director EMEA, The Economist Intelligence Unit
Dr. Joanna Rubinstein, President and CEO, World Childhood Foundation USA, Commissioner of the ITU UNESCO Broadband Commission Report on Child Safety Online
How do countries respond to the threat of sexual violence against children? In 2019, The Economist Intelligence Unit at the initiative and with support of the World Childhood Foundation, Oak Foundation and the Carlson Family Foundation launched a new benchmarking index looking at 60 countries’ response to child sexual abuse and exploitation. Conor Griffin will talk about the key research findings and Joanna Rubinstein about the role of government, the private sector and civil society as drivers of ending sexual abuse of children and reaching the sustainable development goal 16 target 16.2. , and how the index highlights areas for development for each country.

The Broadband Commission Report will be released in October 2019. Joanna Rubinstein, as a co-chair together with Scott Gegenheimer of Zain of the Commission’s working group on child safety online, will present and discuss the key recommendations of the report. The Broadband Commission, comprised of leaders from government, industry, international organisations and academia, focus of the role of Broadband in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Fighting child sexual abuse in online web search – applying new technologies to improve detection

Emma Higham, Product Manager, Google Search
Nikola Todorovic, Google’s SafeSearch engineering team
Google is committed to fighting child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online and preventing its products from being used to spread this content. Google invests heavily in fighting child exploitation online and uses proprietary technology to deter, detect, and remove offences across its products. Emma Higham and Nikola Todorovic will share how their teams protect children from abuse and exploitation by detecting predatory material and working to ensure it isn’t discoverable in Google Search. They will also highlight how the company partners with NGOs and industry to incorporate new technologies that protect children and ensure offenders are reported to the relevant authorities.


From darknet to social media – Different worlds of child sexual abuse material

Jon Rouse, Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation
Detective Inspector, Manager Operations, Victim Identification, Programs
Child sexual abuse material spans from images and videos found in organised forums on the darknet, to material shared via P2P, to material that children self-produce on social media – either voluntarily or as a result of grooming or extortion. What do these different spaces for the distribution of child sexual abuse material look like, and how are they developing? Are they interconnected or completely separate from each other? Is it the same type of offenders that operate on them? Rouse will share his extensive knowledge and illustrate with cases.


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