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  • Child sexual abuse material and the IT industry response

    A lack of awareness of what the problem of child sexual abuse material really is and hesitation in terms of how to react if it affects your business. These and many other issues were raised when Police Superintendent Björn Sällström, Cyber Security expert Brian Honan and NetClean CEO Anna Borgström gathered to discuss the finding of NetClean Insights, a report detailing the IT industry’s response to the threat posed by child sexual abuse material.

  • Driving a scale-up

    Over the past year, we’ve transformed NetClean completely. We’re taking the company from the start-up phase to the scale-up phase and finally, we’re in the process of expanding.

  • NetClean Strengthens Leadership Team with Appointment of CFO

    NetClean, the fast-growing Swedish software company that provides products to detect and block Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) in corporate IT environments, further strengthens its leadership team.

  • When the threat comes from inside

    Insider threats are becoming a burning issue for organizations globally, as a single act of an employee could cost a fortune for the company’s security. Employees with a sexual interest in children are posing a great risk for any company.

  • Is Child Sexual Abuse seen as a “soft crime”​ by businesses?

    Is certain misuse of company assets perceived as less risk to the IT security due to the nature of the crime? Are they being overlooked simply because they are considered to be “soft crimes”?

  • An elevated risk for businesses as new data shows the worst year on record for child sexual abuse online

    The COVID-19 pandemic is like a perfect storm for perpetrators. Lockdowns have had a major impact on both children and adults as they have spent more time online, and the result is a dramatic increase in online child sexual abuse crime. Now we know that by fact.

  • Reflections on the NetClean Insights report

    Last week NetClean released NetClean Insights, a first-of-its-kind survey targeting senior IT professionals and assessing the threat that they face from child sexual abuse material (CSAM). I must say that I was taken by the numbers that were revealed but I’m not at all surprised.

  • What’s Up – Oscar Pettersson and the Advanced VMware Partnership

    Recently we celebrated that we took our collaboration with VMware to the next level by becoming an Advanced Technology Alliance Partner. Find out from Oscar Pettersson, our Strategic Alliance Lead, what the top benefits are for customers and what has been most exciting so far.

  • What’s up – Emma Rosell and Gothenburg Tech week

    This week, NetClean CTO Emma Rosell is part of the panel for Gothenburg Tech week, and we grabbed her on the go to ask five quick questions. Find out about her biggest career mistake and learning, how an early version of Apple triggered her to pursue a role in tech, and what her favorite NetClean product features are.

  • A word from our CEO

    In the middle of the pandemic, NetClean fundamentally changed its strategy and partnered up with VMware – one of the biggest IT companies in the world. In this blog post, NetClean CEO Anna Borgström reflects on how it is to dance with the giants and what she has learned from some of the industry’s top leaders.