Telia Company

A tangible way to act on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Swedish multinational telecommunications company Telia, was the first company to install NetClean ProActive, back in 2005, to protect company computers and ensure that their IT environment could not be used to access or download child sexual abuse material.

Sara Nordbrand, Head of Group Sustainability at Telia Company explains how their continuing work with NetClean forms a part of their commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to safeguard children.

“This is a way for us to contribute to SDG 16.2 – end abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture against children. Taking action to stop child sexual abuse material from being accessed or distributed with the help of company assets is a concrete and very tangible way for us to act on the essence of this global goal.”

A responsibility to act ethically

Nordbrand explains that by detecting child sexual abuse material in the workplace, Telia address and minimise the risk of misuse of their IT environment and ensure policy compliance, while also assisting law enforcement in locating people who consume child sexual abuse material, ultimately helping to rescue and safeguard children.

“This reflects our broader commitment to human rights and security. As a company we have a responsibility to act ethically and ensure that children’s rights are integrated into our business, that the services we offer are enriching and empowering, but it is also on us to protect children from online risks.”

Society as a stakeholder

As an internet provider the connectivity and digital solutions that Telia provide play a key role in society and in people’s lives, and children are no exception.

“One of the ways that we as a company can address the growing problem of child sexual abuse is by ensuring that our networks and IT environment cannot be used to access or download child sexual abuse material.”

Strong internal support

Internally, from the beginning, the decision to protect corporate devices against child sexual abuse material was very well received.

“We have been very open and transparent about internal detection, we spoke with trade unions and employees in an open process so they understood the reasons behind this investment, and so that they were aware of how the software works. We regularly communicate about it internally and all new employees are introduced to this work as part of their onboarding. There is a high level of understanding and support in the organisation, as well as pride.”