Intelligence solutions
to make a difference.


Intelligence solutions to make a difference.

Integrating social responsibility and advanced technology - for a safer society

NetClean provide intelligence solutions to detect, block and analyse digital media to create a safer society. We are the leading developer of technical solutions to fight child sexual abuse material. Our solutions are being used worldwide by multinational companies, government agencies, internet service providers and law enforcement professionals.

We are experts in what we do and collaborate with the foremost research institutes and universities and partner with leading international technology companies, such as Microsoft and McAfee. Among our partners are also non-profit organisations such as the World Childhood Foundation, Ecpat and the Internet Watch Foundation. Together we share the same goal; to make a difference.

Our technology is developed in conjunction with partners and police authorities. This approach ensures that we are developing the right solutions, to address key legal issues with the most advanced technology.

We strive to develop the best possible solutions and our goal is that NetClean solutions are standard and affect all devices to create a safer society.