The NetClean ecosystem

The NetClean ecosystem consists of the three products; Analyze,
ProActive and WhiteBox.

Protects your network and computers against child sexual abuse content.

A solution for Internet Service Providers that block child sexual abuse URL:s.

The digital media investigation solution.

Three units in close collaboration

The overall goal is that all the products should support each other in furthering the fight against child sexual abuse content.

NetClean WhiteBox™ blocks access to URLs containing child sexual abuse content. As a result, NetClean WhiteBox also identifies new sites and material for law enforcement agencies to investigate.

NetClean Analyze™ is used by law enforcement agencies to investigate, find new illegal material and to identify new victims.

NetClean ProActive™ blocks what is found and identified via NetClean Analyze. New material is shared back to law enforcement agencies for investigation.

The result is the most successful and up-to-date solution to stop child sexual abuse content, for ISP's, companies and law enforcement agencies all over the world.


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