Digital Crimes Consortium: No child left behind

Cyber crime continues to innovate and advance at an astonishing rate and disruption must work hard to keep pace. Due to the borderless nature of online crime, law enforcement need to work quickly and collaboratively to combat criminals.
This week the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit will host its annual Digital Crimes Consortium (DCC). The DCC is a week long conference that provides an opportunity for hundreds of law enforcement officials and members of the technology security community across the world to come together to discuss the latest methods and issues to help disrupt international cyber crime.
This year Johann Hofmann, Product Manager at NetClean will be presenting at the DCC, together with a police officer from a large American law enforcement agency. 
With law enforcement agencies having to do more with less many forensic examiners extract just enough evidence to prosecute offenders before moving on. This can mean leaving victims, within the remaining hard drives, unidentified. Johann’s first presentation, No Child Left Behind in the Evidence Room – The Need for a Victim Centric Model, will discuss how new technology and new processes mean that no child will be left behind.

But image analysis doesn’t just help us to identify victims. Beyond the Image: Victim Identification, Johann’s second presentation, will use case studies to demonstrate how law enforcement can best use image, video and audio analysis to identify clues to focus the investigation and help rescue child victims.

If you’re interested to learn more, visit NetClean Analyze at netclean.com for further information.