Business survey

Protecting business IT environments against child sexual abuse material
– Use of policies, action plans and technologies

Following up on child sexual abuse material in the business environment

In last year’s NetClean Report (2018) we interviewed businesses and organisations that have NetClean ProActive (software that detects child sexual abuse material in organisations’ IT environments) installed on their computers and in their IT environments. The results showed that 1 in 500 employees use their work computer to view child sexual abuse material, often on a laptop, outside of business hours and using USB sticks.

This year we surveyed large corporations from a more general selection, not only NetClean’s own customers, to see how businesses respond to the problem of child sexual abuse material in their IT systems. We surveyed one hundred businesses with 5,000 employees or more, all operating in the US. The respondents were IT/IT Security professionals that are either the primary decision maker in their company, or share equally in the decision-making with others. The survey was conducted as an anonymous online web interview.

This section of the report looks at the following four areas:

  • Whether the businesses have a corporate policy in place that states that it is prohibited to handle child sexual abuse material within the company’s IT environment or on company devices.
  • Whether the businesses have an action plan in place to deploy if child sexual abuse material is found in the organisation’s IT environment.
  • Whether the businesses have technologies in place to detect or block child sexual abuse material in the business IT environment.
  • Whether child sexual abuse material have ever been found in the businesses’ IT environments.

Results from the business survey