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For Human Resources (HR), preventing child sexual abuse is about ensuring that employees share the company’s core values, and that they don’t engage in criminal behaviour. It is about taking action when employees exhibit problematic behaviour, but it is also about being a good and attractive employer.

Companies are a reflection of larger society, and the companies interviewed all show awareness around the fact that if a problem exists in society, it most likely also exists within their organisation. For employers it is important to have employees that share their core values, which tie in closely with ethical values, compliance and policy issues. All the interviewed companies emphasise that they cannot have employees that engage in criminal behaviour.

“It is important for us to be a good employer. We want employees that share our values, function well, and feel safe in the workplace. If we can do simple things like making sure that we don’t have employees that consume child sexual abuse material, then I think we should.”

Problematic behaviour

Companies have an obligation to make sure that employees feel safe, and can do their job. This means that it is important to know if employees suffer from debilitating addictions like alcoholism, gambling, or sometimes excessive consumption of pornography. Consumption of child sexual abuse material can also be grouped into this category.

“If someone searches for child sexual abuse material they are clearly not well and could be a danger to themselves, others and the company. As an employer we need to identify and deal with that.”

“We want to recruit employees that share our values. If that turns out not to be the case, then it doesn’t matter how well that employee delivers and performs. If they do things that are in stark contrast to what we as an employer stand for, then they cannot work here.”

Attractive workplace

Ethical values and taking positive action are also important from the perspective of being an attractive employer, both to current and potential employees. It is important to everyone, but especially to the younger workforce.

“We want to have the best people employed in our organisation. Making ethical decisions creates value and shows that we as an organisation contribute to society.”

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