Law enforcement survey


Presentation of results – Breakout of different samples

The law enforcement section of the report is based on a survey with police officers across the globe who work on cases pertaining to child sexual abuse crime. 470 police officers from 39 countries answered this year’s survey.

Results from the law enforcement survey

Three countries had large enough samples to allow the data to be considered individually: the United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom. It was also possible to consider the data from Europe individually. Because of these response rates, Sweden and the United Kingdom are represented as separate entities, and not included in the European sample.

  • United States 44 %
  • Sweden 15 %
  • United Kingdom 12 %
  • Europe 17 %

Breakout of numbers are presented for those insights where there is a relevant difference between respondents. More information about the survey is available in the section “About the report”.

Law enforcement professionals answered the survey anonymously, providing invaluable information and better understanding of this global problem. We would like to direct a big thank you to all of those who took the time to complete the survey.