NetClean ProActive

Powerful, scalable software
detecting child sexual abuse material
on work computers

ProActive protects end-points and works similar to anti-virus software, by finding images and videos that law enforcement have classified as child sexual abuse material.

Top technical features

Advanced detection methods such as PhotoDNA

CSA material is detected regardless of source

High performance and small footprint

Scalable solution made for global distribution

Designed to detect child sexual abuse material

Thanks to our technology and collaboration with law enforcement, NetClean ProActive detects at content level, the actual images and videos. This is different from traditional filter solutions that instead block URLs or file names.

As a large proportion of material is not stored on the open web, and since file names can easily be changed, detecting the actual image or video is the most efficient way of protecting work computers.

A centrally managed software system consisting of two parts

1. Protection

ProActive Computer agents

Software agents that can be installed on both workstations and servers. Computer agents are installed as a service and run in the background. It searches in real time, the local computer, on network drives and any removable drives. Everything is configurable. The inspected images are matched with a signature database (a database consisting of digital fingerprints), with minimal impact on performance. The computer agent can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

2. Management

ProActive Management Server

The agents are managed by the NetClean ProActive Management Server, which receives incident reports and holds all settings and configurations.

If an incident occurs, the designated contact within the organisation is notified via a text message or an e-mail. This means that those responsible do not need to continually supervise the system; alerts indicate when an incident has occurred.

A combination of our solutions gives you a more comprehensive protection. Read about blocking child sexual abuse material on mobile devices here.

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