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Case study: 15,000 images and thousands of video files found after alert from company computer

This is an actual case from a global company that uses software to detect child sexual abuse material on work computers.

In 2020 the company’s security department in Sweden received an alert that one of their employees had accessed child sexual abuse material using the company computer. Information about the incident was forwarded to the police who verified the content as illegal and initiated an investigation.

The suspect was brought into custody and early on confessed to possession of child sexual abuse material. During the house search the police found several mobile phones, computers and an external hard drive, which were confiscated and examined for further evidence. When all seized devices had been analysed, the police had found more than 15,000 images and nearly 4,000 video files depicting child sexual abuse.

The suspect was found guilty in court and sentenced to two years in prison.

Case study: Protecting business IT environments can lead to the safeguarding of children

This is an actual case from an organisation in Sweden who use software that detects child sexual abuse material on work computers.

In 2013 the organisation received an alert that one of their employees had used a USB-stick to access child sexual abuse material on his work computer. The alert contained five files, with images that were classified as child sexual abuse material, but not of the most severe character. The images were verified and the police initiated an investigation. A house search at both the workplace and the individual’s home was planned and later executed.

Meanwhile, the employee had been away from the office for a week. When he returned, the computer sent alerts for four more instances that had occurred while the individual was using the computer away from the office. The alerts were from different times of the day and included a larger number of files.

At the house search the suspects computer and other devices were seized, including his mobile phone. When the police examined the contents of the mobile phone, they found newly produced material, images and videos, depicting the sexual abuse of two young children living with the suspect – his partner’s two children.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect was acting in collaboration with another man, who directed the sexual abuse of the children, which was live-streamed to him via Skype.

As a result of the detection, police investigation and judicial process, both men were sentenced to jail and the children were safeguarded.

Case study: One alert led to hundreds of child sexual abuse files being discovered

The following is an actual case from a large organisation with multinational presence. The organisation has software that detects child sexual abuse material installed on all company computers globally.

In 2018 security officials at the company Headquarters received an alert that one of their employees in the US had accessed three images depicting child sexual abuse. The individual who worked in HR had used his company laptop to access the files. The alert also showed that the images had been accessed outside working hours. In the days following the first alert, numerous new alerts were received.

The security officials at the company HQ confirmed the content of the images with law enforcement authorities. They then notified members of the local ICAC task force in the US about the suspicious activity. The local police authorities reviewed the images and obtained a search warrant for the suspects home.

During the house search, a large number of electronic equipment was seized, including the company laptop. During the examination of the seized devices, the police discovered hundreds of child sexual abuse images. The suspect, who pleaded guilty in court, faced a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

1 in 500

1 in 500 individuals look at child sexual abuse material while at work.


Half of those who consume child sexual abuse material abuse children physically.


80% of the offenders abuse children that they have a close relationship with.

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