Why ProActive

Protect what matters

Protect your IT environment while safeguarding children. Enhance ethical company values and stop the spread of child sexual abuse material.

1 in 500

1 in 500 individuals look at child sexual abuse material while at work.


Half of those who consume child sexual abuse material abuse children physically.


80% of the offenders abuse children that they have a close relationship with.

A unique position to make an impact

As an ethical corporate citizen, you are in a unique position to make an impact. Why? Because businesses and organisations can stop child sexual abuse material in their IT environment and directly limit exposure and the revictimisation that children suffer every time an image is shared. This pro-active work also helps find individuals who consume child sexual abuse material, thereby reducing further harm to children.

NetClean ProActive helps you adhere to legislation and policy compliance while helping to stop a serious crime.

By protecting your brand and safeguarding your assets from misuse, you also help ensure that your employees do not suffer the harm of coming across child sexual abuse material that might be stored in your IT environment.

Protection, social responsibility and compliance

Demonstrate ethical corporate citizenship

Prevent illegal activities in the workplace

Ensure policy compliance

Corporate social responsibility by acting on the SDG:s

Manage security

Protect and strengthen company brands

A combination of our solutions gives you a more comprehensive protection. Read about blocking child sexual abuse material on mobile devices here.

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