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With as many as 1 in 500 using work computers to access child sexual abuse material, most enterprises likely have underestimated the risk. With effective technology in place, you as a sustainable and ethical business can increase your resilience, protect your IT environment, and take clear action to reduce real-world harm to children.

Work computers are used to access and distribute child sexual abuse material

NetClean ProActive is powerful scalable detection software that manages security risks by keeping IT environments free from child sexual abuse material. The application helps protect and strengthen company values, aiding a brighter future for children by working towards the requirements of Agenda 2030.

Child sexual abuse material on company devices – a tangible security risk


1 in 500 individuals look at child sexual abuse material while at work.


Half of those who consume child sexual abuse material abuse children physically.


64% of all organisations have experienced a case of CSAM in the last 5 years.

Protection, compliance and
social responsibility

Prevent illegal activities in the workplace

Manage security

Protect and strengthen company brands

Ensure policy compliance

Corporate social responsibility by acting on the SDG:s

Demonstrate ethical corporate citizenship

Prevent illegal activities in the workplace, protect company assets and employees

Accessing, consuming and distributing child sexual abuse material is a serious crime, which is why protecting computers and laptops is a legal matter. By detecting child sexual abuse material on work computers, companies can prevent and deal with crimes when they are committed. By installing ProActive you protect the business IT environment, company assets, and employees while helping reduce real-world harm to children.

Manage security risks

Individuals that handle child sexual abuse material are known to be risk-takers. By visiting inappropriate web pages, or using unverified USB drives to access illicit material, they are subjecting the organisation to an increased risk of both malware and cyber-attacks. These individuals are also more vulnerable to both threats and blackmail, especially if they have a prominent position within the company.

It is reasonable to assume that someone who is willing to engage in this type of risky behaviour might break other laws or flaunt company policies.

Protect and strengthen company brands

Mitigate negative impact, reinforce and protect your company brand by acting proactively and adopt a firm position that helps create a brighter future for children. It is a proactive way of limiting the risk of a media crisis. Research has shown that taking action on societal issues strengthens the company brand.

Taking action also acts as an employer branding initiative, working to both retain and attract new employees – positive action is always seen in a good light both by employees, prospective employees and stakeholders.

Ensure policy compliance

Most businesses have a company policy that either explicitly or inexplicitly state that is unacceptable to view or download illegal material such as child sexual abuse material on company assets, whether it be in the workplace or outside working hours. Handling child sexual abuse material on the work computer is therefore not only a serious crime, but also a breach of policy.

By using NetClean ProActive you can take steps to fully comply with ethical code of conducts or policies designed to prevent illegal use of company IT equipment.

Improve sustainability, take corporate social responsibility and act on the SDGs

Taking action to stop child sexual abuse material from being accessed with the help of company assets is a very tangible way for businesses to take corporate social responsibility, and act on and comply with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is especially relevant to goal 16.2; ‘to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children.’




Demonstrate ethical corporate citizenship

Sustainable businesses and organisations are increasingly acting as ethical corporate citizens ensuring the welfare and future of stakeholders outside their immediate core business. Taking action to stop child sexual abuse material from being accessed or distributed with the help of company assets is a tangible way for businesses to demonstrate ethical citizenship.

A combination of our solutions gives you a more comprehensive protection. Read about blocking child sexual abuse material on mobile devices here.

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