NetClean ProTective

Effective solution for blocking child sexual abuse material on mobile devices

NetClean ProTective is a technical solution used to protect business mobile devices by blocking access to URLs known to contain child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The uniquely combined and continually updated URL list, from some of the world’s primary sources, makes it an effective protective solution.

Top technical features

Unique URL list from trusted sources

Easily deployed through MDM Systems

Protects both iOS and
Android devices

Unique URL list from trusted sources

Through a number of trusted partners, both NGOs and law enforcement (such as the IWF, Project Arachnid and INTERPOL), NetClean is continuously provided with new URLs with known child sexual abuse material.

The URLs from these sources are combined into one single blocklist – the ProTective Blocklist. The NetClean Protective Suite utilises the blocklist to prevent users from reaching these URLs on their mobile devices.

Continually updated

The NetClean ProTective blocklist is continuously updated to make sure that it is effective. This is important since URLs containing child sexual abuse material constantly change – they move around disappear and new ones appear.

Easily deployed through Mobile Device Management systems

NetClean ProTective includes the tool ProTective Configuration Manager that handles integration with existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems to enable blocking on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The ProTective Configuration Manager is run locally as a service and keeps the ProTective Blocklist constantly up to date on protected devices.

Protects both Android and iOS devices

Blocking on iOS devices is done through the ProTective Content Filter iOS app. The app is acquired in App Store and distributed to the iOS devices through the MDM.

Blocking on Android devices does not require an app installation, since it utilises the built-in blocking functionality served by the MDM.

A combination of our solutions gives you a more comprehensive protection. Read about detecting child sexual abuse on computers and laptops here.

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