Private Sector

For an effective solution;
detection is key

With NetClean ProActive, you get the most effective, scalable solution for keeping your network and work environment free from child sexual abuse material – without compromising performance.

Target what matters

NetClean ProActive technology targets what matters. It works similar to an anti-virus program, but instead of identifying a virus, NetClean ProActive effectively detects only images and videos that law enforcement agencies have classified as child sexual abuse material.

Protect your brand

Mitigate negative impact and reinforce your brand by adopting a firm position and helping to create a brighter future for children.

Corporate Responsibility

Demonstrate social responsibility by making a clear, positive impact, while complying with two UN Sustainable Development Goals (5.2 & 16.2).

Policy compliance

Implementing NetClean ProActive is a concrete action you can take to comply with policies designed to combat child sexual abuse.

Identify unwanted activity

Make sure that your network and computers are not used for accessing and distributing child sexual abuse material.

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