Public Sector

Protect what matters

Organisations are in a unique position to help. In fact, it’s one of few channels other than law enforcement that can help locate individuals who have a sexual interest in children. The workplace is not immune to the problem – experience shows that 1 in 1,000 people look at child sexual abuse material while at work.

By detecting material,
you can stop ongoing abuse
and save children.

The work computer is one of the way child sexual abuse material is accessed and distributed. It’s also where we have an opportunity to prevent it.

Protect your brand

Mitigate negative impact and reinforce your brand by adopting a firm position and helping to create a brighter future for children.

Corporate Responsibility

Demonstrate social responsibility by making a clear, positive impact, while complying with two UN Sustainable Development Goals (5.2 & 16.2).

Policy compliance

Implementing NetClean ProActive is a concrete action you can take to comply with policies designed to combat child sexual abuse.

Identify unwanted activity

Make sure that your network and computers are not used for accessing and distributing child sexual abuse material.

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