NetClean WhiteBox allows you to effectively block access to known child sexual abuse material. Stopping the cycle of re-victimization is all about blocking access to these images and videos.

Reinforcing ethical business

With NetClean WhiteBox you know that you are reinforcing ethical business over the long term while also remaining accountable and in full compliance with sustainable ethical business.

“We are taking a very firm stand, and we will do everything we can to stop this. We are not doing this for commercial reasons, but from conviction. It is part of our approach to Corporate Responsibility.”


Jonas Lindström, Director of Group Security, Tele2

Corporate Responsibility

Demonstrate social responsibility by making a clear, positive impact, while complying with two UN global sustainability goals (5.2 & 16.2).

Generate brand confidence

Take a stand against child sexual abuse and strengthen the integrity of your brand and confidence in the way you do business – a key to a lasting positive reputation among your customers.

Policy compliance

Implementing NetClean WhiteBox is a concrete action you can take to comply with policies designed to combat child sexual abuse.

A cost-effective solution

NetClean WhiteBox is a scalable solution that enables you to manage multiple ISPs within a country or region – making it cost effective.

Frequently asked questions

WhiteBox compared to DNS-blocking

The only way to bypass WhiteBox is to use another provider to access the material. This means that WhiteBox covers all companies with their own DNS systems as well – without overblocking.