#skillnadpåriktigt – in partnership with ECPAT Sweden

#skillnadpåriktigt – in partnership with ECPAT Sweden
July 12, 2017 Kristofer Jobson
NEWS 2017/07/12

#skillnadpåriktigt – in partnership with ECPAT Sweden

On October 5, we will open the doors to #skillnadpåriktigt 2017 (which means “making a real difference”), the most important conference of the year addressing solutions that tackle the problems of child sexual exploitation. This year the conference will be organised in collaboration with ECPAT Sweden.

– We are very pleased to announce that this year we are organising #skillnadpåriktigt together with ECPAT Sweden. Child sexual abuse is a crime that must be solved through collaborative efforts. By jointly hosting the conference we have found a practical way of supporting collaboration between different stakeholders, says Anna Borgström, Head of NetClean.

Anders L. Pettersson, Executive Director at ECPAT Sweden agrees:

“Together we are stronger and can reach more people in an even more effective way. We will create more traction and ultimately make a greater difference for exploited children”.

NetClean and ECPAT Sweden, through their different knowledge bases, expertise and networks will ensure that the conference has a broad, yet coherent, appeal. ECPAT Sweden brings their expertise in fighting against child sexual exploitation through their advocacy work, awareness raising, and their web-based hotline where one can report suspected incidents of child sexual abuse. NetClean’s expertise features advanced technological solutions to prevent dissemination of child sexual abuse material. In addition, NetClean has a large global network of organisations working to combat child sexual abuse and the spread of child sexual abuse material, especially within law enforcement.

#skillnadpåriktigt is a half-day conference, which has proven to be a well-attended and successful event. The conference will take place for the third year running this Autumn, and we are pleased to announce that it will feature speakers from Europol, the Canadian Police and others. The key focus of the conference will be to find ways to fight child sexual abuse today, and looking at solutions for the future.

Book to attend the conference here: www.skillnadpariktigt.se/anmalan

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