NetClean ProActive

Detection is key.
NetClean ProActive target
what matters.

NetClean ProActive works similar to an anti-virus program. But instead of detecting a virus, ProActive detects images and videos that law enforcement agencies have classified as child sexual abuse material. Detection is key. When the actual material is found, it is possible to find and rescue children.

Content classified by
Law Enforcement

ProActive exclusively identifies and detects content that has been classified as CSAM by Law Enforcement.

Detects regardless
of source

ProActive effectively detects whenever the image is being handled – no matter where it came from.


The end point protection and the network protection can be combined for a more complete protection.


ProActive detects content – the actual images and videos – rather than blocking a whole URL or file name.

Protection for
both end points and

ProActive can be installed as end point protection on your organisation’s computers and servers, or as network protection. The two solutions can be combined for a more complete protection.


A computer agent is installed as a service and is by default completely invisible to the end-user. It scans the local computer, network drives and any removable drives.

  • Works offline

  • Real-time & scheduled scans

  • Actively monitor all files

  • Automatic signature updates.


Network Protection

A Network agent is deployed in the network infrastructure. It scans traffic passing through it and can either be deployed as a software solution or a hardware appliance.

  • Real-time protection

  • Detects and blocks

  • Optimized for low latency

  • Easily deployed in the network infrastructure


How it works

Law enforcement agencies classify images and videos as child sexual abuse material. In this process, a digital fingerprint is calculated from every image and video.

These digital fingerprints are added to our signature database. This allows ProActive to detect the actual content. ProActive ensures that only child sexual abuse material is detected and nothing else.

As soon as anyone handles child sexual abuse material on a work computer, ProActive detects the activity and sends a notification to designated persons within the organisation.

Frequently asked questions

ProActive compared to filter solutions

NetClean ProActive detects the actual content, instead of blocking an entire URL or specific file name, which is the case with traditional filter solutions. Since much material is not stored on the open web and since file names can be easily changed, detecting the actual image or video is a much more efficient way of tackling the problem. Detecting the actual material is key, because when the actual material is found, it is possible to find and rescue children.


Safeguard against crime.
Safeguard children.