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Protect children from sexual abuse.
And your organization against crime.


The work computer is one of the most common devices used by perpetrators to access child sexual abuse material. NetClean ProActive scans networks and computers effectively in search of images and videos which the police have classified as illegal.

The foremost solution for combating the spread of child sexual abuse material

Protect your brand

Mitigate negative impact and reinforce your brand by adopting a firm position.

Policy compliance

The only solution in the world with the capability to comply with policies designed to combat child sexual abuse.

Identify illicit activity

Perpetrators commonly use their work computer to access abuse material.

  • We believe that child sexual abuse material and all the problems it brings in its wake is a blot on society, and decided that we wanted to help fight it. ProActive also meshes well with our core values ”simplicity, trustworthiness and development.
    Per-Martin SchedwinHR Director at Stena Metall
  • I attended a presentation and immediately felt how important NetClean’s products are. We are extremely keen to adopt responsible business practices, and this is fully in line with how we run our hotels. We call this approach Responsible Business
    Sam HolmbergManaging Director at Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel


NetClean ProActive generally works in the same way as an antivirus program. The difference is that ProActive identifies child sexual abuse material instead of a computer virus.

Complete protection

The software can be installed both on the organization’s computers as client protection (End Point Security) or on the network as perimeter protection (Network Security). NetClean ProActive can detect abuse material on everything from USB flash drives and hard disks to email and Internet traffic.

Close collaboration with law enforcement agencies

NetClean collaborates with law enforcement agencies that investigate sexual crimes against children. When these agencies classify images and videos as illicit child sexual abuse material, unique digital fingerprints are extracted for each image and video.

Digital fingerprints

It is these digital fingerprints, known as hash sums, that allow NetClean ProActive to identify and block specific illicit content instead of the whole URL or filename. It also ensures that only child sexual abuse material is blocked and nothing else.

Detects regardless of source

ProActive can detect child sexual abuse material on everything from USB flash drives and hard disks to email and Internet traffic.

No false positives

NetClean ProActive only identifies, tracks and blocks images and videos that have been classified as illegal by the police.

Smart identification

ProActive identifies, tracks and blocks the content – the actual images and videos – rather than blocking a whole URL or filename.


ProActive is available in different versions to provide the best and most comprehensive protection, which can then be adapted to suit your company’s specific needs and conditions.

End Point Security

Computer Agent is a program that is installed locally on computers and which constantly monitors the file system in search of illicit images and video files.


Network Security

A solution that conducts real-time searches in network traffic in order to identify illicit images and video files but without compromising performance or causing delays.


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