Telecom solutions

Prevent and block illicit traffic.
Without compromising performance.


NetClean WhiteBox blocks access to websites containing known child sexual abuse material. Install a powerful router-based doorkeeper that blocks both downloading and uploading of documented abuse material.

A powerful solution for Internet service providers

NetClean WhiteBox helps you to enhance your corporate social responsibility by enabling you to conduct long-term business that is both successful and ethical while still remaining accountable and in full compliance with the Triple Bottom Line concept (TBL/3BL).

Generate confidence

Take a stand against child sexual abuse and create strong belief in the integrity of your brand and confidence in the way you do business.

Protect your brand

With NetClean WhiteBox you will stand out from your competitors and establish a lasting positive reputation among your customers.

Sustainable business

By addressing child sexual abuse directly with the aid of an efficient blocking system, your company can take an active stand against illicit use of the company’s services.

  • As a telecom operator, we must accept our social responsibility when negative issues appear. If we can restrict access to CSAI and contribute to a better Internet, we want to do it.
    Marie EhrlingFormer CEO at Telia Sonera
  • We are taking a very firm stand, and we will do everything we can to stop this. We are not doing this for commercial reasons, but from conviction. It is part of our approach to Corporate Responsibility
    Jonas LindströmHead of Group Security at Tele2

How does WhiteBox work?

Users who attempt to visit web pages containing illicit material are stopped even before the web page is downloaded. WhiteBox instead directs the user to a blocking page which explains and issues a warning that the URL that is being accessed contains illicit material.

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