Technical Model National Response

While technology makes it possible to widely and secretly distribute child sexual abuse material on the internet, technology is also our best means to stop it from spreading by detecting, blocking and removing it. 

The Internet consists of many different layers and services. There are websites, P2P, cloud services, instant messaging and the Darknet – just to name a few. Child sexual abuse material is spread through all those layers on the internet. We therefore need to make sure that we use technology that covers every different part of the internet.

So, how do we do that?

The WePROTECT Global Alliance Model National Response provides guidance and support to countries on how to build capacity to fight child sexual abuse online and offline. This includes everything from policies and legislation, to child protection, education and using correct terminology. What this model highlights is that it takes joint effort and advanced digital tools to stop online child sexual abuse material.

The Technical Model National Response

Inspired by the WePROTECT Global Alliance Model we have set out to develop a response that looks at technology. We call it the “Technical Model National Response”. The model focuses solely on the different technologies and methodologies that need to be in place to effectively fight the spread of child sexual abuse material on a national level. Strong legislation and cooperation between the judiciary, police, business, and people who might come across this material is key to success. Our model shows that enabling this work is technology that detects, reports and removes material.

The different actors

Internet Service Providers find and block images and videos depicting child sexual abuse by using technology and lists from for example INTERPOL, IWF or National Police. Social media companies e.g. Facebook, KiK and Snapchat and Search engines like Google report and remove material found on their platforms. Hotlines receive tips from the public and use technology such as crawlers that result in takedown and notice.

Businesses and organisations are in the unique position to find those with a sexual interest in children by using tools, such as NetClean ProActive, that detect child sexual abuse material on work computers and networks. Following the trail of a detected image in a corporate environment, new material can be found, offenders can be prosecuted, and children can be rescued.

The actors mentioned above work with different technologies, and the Technical Model National Response works to highlight this – that digital tools must be applied by all sectors and businesses in order to ensure that a country has a comprehensive model to fight online child sexual abuse material.

Watch the film

To illustrate the Technical Model National Response we are also launching a film. It is an illustration that will help Heads of state, Policy makers and businesses among others understand how investing in a range of technological solutions provides a fuller and more effective way of fighting online child sexual abuse.

In the coming months, we will dig deeper into the different technologies in the Technical Model National Response. So stay posted.

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