The Netclean Report 2016

Ten important insights into child sexual abuse crime

Ten important insights about child sexual abuse
The NetClean Report 2016

A report about child sexual abuse crime – based on a survey from 370 police officers in 26 countries.


About the NetClean Report 2016

The NetClean Report 2016 provides an overview of global trends in child sexual abuse crime. The report is a unique insight into the experiences and accumulated knowledge of police officers worldwide. Click to read more.


A growing problem – but not all negative

74.6 per cent of the police officers surveyed reported that their work load has become more demanding in the last year. Only 1.1 per cent said that it has become less demanding…


Investigations with terabytes of data and millions of images

The investigations and cases that law enforcement is dealing with continues to increase. Exactly how large they have become is difficult to say…


The victims are primarily from Europe and North America

There is a common misconception that the children in child sexual abuse material are primarily from Asia. However, our survey shows that the material that the police…


File sharing is the most common method of distributing child sexual abuse material

When asked the question ‘which methods are most commonly used to share and distribute child sexual abuse material…


Social media is used to share child sexual abuse material

As the use of social media continues to increase in society, the problem of child sexual abuse material being distributed through social media follows…


500,000 searches for websites showcasing child sexual abuse material every month

According to the police officers in the survey, material is commonly shared on the internet. To help tackle this, several Internet Service Providers have committed…


Child sexual abuse material is found on work computers in both the private and public sector

As the numbers in insight six show, people search for child sexual abuse material at any given time during the day and night, even during working hours…


Major challenges: encryption, anonymisation Technologies, live-streaming and ”deleters”

The police officers in the survey highlighted a number of the challenges the face whilst working on child sexual abuse cases…


Increased awareness of female offenders

Female offenders are rare, but they do exist. Nearly half of the respondents in the survey, 47.5 per cent, said that they worked on cases involving female offenders during 2015…


Increased focus on identifying and saving children

Almost two-thirds, 65.2 per cent, of police officers in the study reported that they, as part of their daily work tasks, work with victim identification (victim ID)….


Why is it important to fight child sexual abuse material?

We end this report with a reflection on why it is so important to fight child sexual abuse material.

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