The NetClean Story

The NetClean Story

How it all started

The NetClean story is a story that started with a newspaper article about the growing and global spread of child sexual abuse images and an idea to use technology to solve a societal problem: ”If we know what the images are we should be able to stop them.”

Today, NetClean’s solutions are used to protect business IT environments and create a brighter future for children in more than 110 countries across the world. Our customers range from multinational corporations and big businesses to public sector organisations and governments.

We are based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and this is also where it all started in 2003.

From start-up to global reach

Entrepreneurial drive, technical know-how and innovation, a strong network of great people, a relentless belief that anything is possible, and a great team has since built NetClean into one of the world’s leading developers of technical solutions to stop child sexual abuse.

Our focus is on the workplace and employers, and businesses and organisations around the world are today using our solutions to protect their work devices and IT environment.

Creating a brighter future

Our mission, and what drives us, is to build bright technology to limit revictimisation, prevent further suffering to victims of child sexual abuse, and to enable a brighter future for children.

Our long-term aim is that NetClean’s solutions will be a hygiene factor to add for any ethical and forward-thinking business – and that it will ultimately affect all work computers and mobile devices across the world.

The team

Our vision and

Latest Corporate news

  • Apr082021

    New technology interoperability responds to the increased risks to corporate IT systems associated with remote workers

    The Covid-19 pandemic has driven a sharp increase in IT security risk for businesses, as employees working from home use corporate IT equipment to access or share child sexual abuse material.

  • Mar172021

    Meet Emma Rosell – New Chief Technology Officer at NetClean

    In February, we were delighted when Emma Rosell, our new CTO, joined the NetClean team. Although busy with meeting her team and getting to know the business, she found time for a chat, in which we covered…

  • Jan292021

    NetClean’s detection and blocking technologies available on VMware Workspace ONE

    NetClean ProActive and NetClean ProTective are now available on VMware’s Workspace ONE platform. The integration makes it easier for businesses and organisations to protect their IT environments…

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