​Analyze DI and Nuix Collaborate to Enhance Analytics and Workflows for Digital Media Investigations

​Analyze DI and Nuix Collaborate to Enhance Analytics and Workflows for Digital Media Investigations
21 April, 2015 NetClean

​Analyze DI and Nuix Collaborate to Enhance Analytics and Workflows for Digital Media Investigations

NetClean, provider of intelligence solutions that detect, block, and analyze digital media to create a safer society and Nuix, a technology company that enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data, today announced a technology partnership to integrate their investigative tools and allow users to analyze multiple digital media formats in a timely manner.

The NetClean Analyze platform improves efficiency and adds intelligence to digital media investigations through in-depth analysis of images and video files, media management, cross-case traceability, and reporting. Nuix Investigator is known for quickly processing large volumes of data from thousands of file formats and storage technologies. The partnership gives customers a seamless workflow that bridges the gap between text and image analytics.

“With Analyze DI, we envision a world where investigators in every industry have the capability to fully examine the abundance of data they have collected in order to help them achieve their investigative goals,” said Johann Hofmann, product manager, Analyze. “Together with Nuix, we’re able to offer a solution that can analyze any type of digital material an investigator may come across, ultimately increasing their efficiency and effectiveness so they can get the job done.”

“As part of our mission to create an ecosystem of data sharing among agencies working on child exploitation investigations, we’ve developed a highly anticipated standards-based protocol based on OData,” said Richard Brown, technology advancement officer, International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. “The protocol allows different applications to connect and law enforcement to mix and match the tools that work best for each authority. We’re pleased that NetClean and Nuix, two best-in-breed companies, have acted as leaders by integrating with our protocol, ultimately helping our community protect more children.”

The integration of Analyze DI and Nuix Investigator avoids the multiple workflows and additional processing time that result from tools that do not communicate or collaborate. The two products share information using the OData-based VICS protocol, an emerging standard that allows digital forensic tools to share data with each other and with law enforcement initiatives such as the US-based Project Vic and UK-based CAID databases of known child abuse images.

Benefits of the integration for customers include a seamless and customizable workflow with the ability to share files, tags and other metadata between tools, eliminating the need to reprocess data. It will ultimately allow the joint solution to be integrated with other tools that use the same protocol.

“At Nuix, we focus on streamlining workflows, enabling collaboration, and extracting and sharing intelligence for investigation and analysis—and we recognize that NetClean as a brand shares the same vision,” said Dr. Jim Kent, CEO of Nuix North America. “The Analyze platform is an industry leader, and we are excited to integrate and bring additional features to Analyze DI. Our partnership is a strong, positive collaboration that should help improve the workflow of investigators worldwide.”

For more information on the Analyze DI and Nuix Investigator integration, please visit Nuix.