NetClean Analyze becomes Griffeye Analyze

NetClean Analyze becomes Griffeye Analyze
7 August, 2015 NetClean

NetClean Analyze becomes Griffeye Analyze

As the Safer Society Group is created, the digital media investigation platform NetClean Analyze is moved into the new peer company Griffeye, and is rebranded Griffeye Analyze. Like NetClean, Griffeye is a subsidiary to the Safety Society Group.

“NetClean Analyze has become the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform for collecting, processing, analysing, visualizing and managing images and videos and is used daily by law enforcement all over the world. It is now time for Analyze to stand on its own two feet, “says Johann Hofmann, in his new role as Head of Griffeye.

Historically, NetClean Analyze was developed with focus on child sexual abuse (CSA) investigations. CSA investigations involve the most challenging and demanding tasks that law enforcement agencies face when it comes to handling vast amounts of digital material. Cases often contain terabytes of gruesome footage that investigators need to sort through swiftly, as the material may hide information that can help rescue victims of ongoing child sexual abuse.

“Griffeye has built its platform from the most difficult use case, and is now used in any area of investigations dealing with visual big data. With Griffeye becoming a separate company we will more actively push boundaries and continue to broaden our markets into other areas where we can work to create a safer and better society, “says Johann Hofmann.

The rebrand means that the products NetClean Analyze Digital Investigator (DI) and NetClean Analyze Collaboration Server (CS) becomes Griffeye Analyze DI and Griffeye Analyze CS.

The organisational changes will have no practical consequences for users within law enforcement working with CSA investigations. The tool will remain free of charge for law enforcement working with CSA investigations.