Shining the Spotlight on CSA

Shining the Spotlight on CSA
28 January, 2016 Christian Berg
In NetClean Labs

Shining the Spotlight on CSA

With the release of director Tom McCarthy’s latest film due on January 29 in the UK, the spotlight is well and truly on the subject of child sexual abuse (CSA) right now.

The film revolves around a classic piece of investigative journalism by the Spotlight team of the Boston Globe. Their findings show that the Catholic church had covered up sexual abuse by more than 70 priests in Boston. This investigation snowballed to the point where further abuse cases were found in 102 cities in the USA, and 105 dioceses worldwide.

Unfortunate as this may be – and it is truly horrific – Spotlight provides an all important public service; it raises awareness of the growing CSA problem and will encourage society to think about its own responsibility to the children we are meant to protect.

The focus of this particular incident may be set in Boston, but the evidence uncovered reveals to the wider public that this is a global issue; it goes well beyond the confines of a parish in Massachusetts.

Charities and public sector organisations, such as social services, teachers and doctors, among others, are working hard to prevent CSA. But there are also other parts to the solution. For example, companies and organisations can work to track and prevent the viewing of illegal sexual abuse images of children online.

In reality, this all needs the support of the global community. Our hope is that Spotlight will be a hugely positive step in encouraging our mutual social responsibility.