NetClean ProActive expands offering to Mac & Linux users

NetClean ProActive expands offering to Mac & Linux users
22 February, 2016 NetClean

NetClean ProActive expands offering to Mac & Linux users

Technology solutions provider identifies new ways to stop the spread of child sexual abuse images and videos in public and private organisations.

London, UK, 22 February 2016 – NetClean today announced the expansion of the NetClean ProActive solution to support computers using Mac OS X and Linux operating system. The enhanced intelligence software stops the spread of child sexual abuse images and videos being downloaded and accessed by users working in public and private sector organisations.

— As many as one in 1,000 people watch child sexual abuse material during working hours. By broadening out our services to a wider range of electronic devices across multiple operating systems, we are helping organisations become more effective in protecting their corporate networks from the infiltration of illegal material and criminal activities, said Christian Berg, CEO and founder of NetClean.

NetClean ProActive is the leading industry solution to block child sexual abuse content. It is used by enterprises, public sector organisations, hotels, public WiFi providers and Internet service providers. Unlike traditional web filters which only blocks URLs, NetClean ProActive identifies and tracks the actual images and videos, regardless of source, such as hard drives, USB memory sticks, e-mail and web browsers. NetClean works with the authorities to classify explicit images and videos as illegal to stop the circulation of these types of content online.

Growing popularity of Mac and Linux devices

The enhancement was introduced in response to a growing popularity of Mac and Linux devices. Apple has seen a growth in laptop and PC sales worldwide with 185.1 million notebook and PC shipments in 2015, whilst Linux is still the most desirable core operating system for developers. Many businesses are branching out from a solely Windows-based ecosystem so the next logical step for NetClean is to provide more organisations with the capabilities to detect and block child sexual abuse regardless of the operating system.

— Companies are becoming more aware of the reputational and societal implications around the possession of child sexual abuse images and videos in the workplace. Business leaders are becoming increasingly diligent to ensure illegal material is not being downloaded or viewed on their networks. These latest advancements are a step in the right direction to ensure companies are taking responsibility for their networks so more children can be saved from sexual abuse,” Berg added.

In a recent survey, NetClean reveals an alarming fact that three in four police officers have found child sexual abuse material on work computers. Child sexual abuse crimes are on the rise globally, with younger victims and more violent material being created and circulated online and on hard drives. It is imperative that business leaders tighten up their security procedures to detect and report illegal content regardless of the type of computers, leaving no gaps for criminals to infect private and public networks.

NetClean ProActive for Mac and Linux is available immediately.

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