Together we can ‘make a difference’

Together we can ‘make a difference’
1 November, 2016 Fredrik Frejme
In NetClean Labs

Together we can ‘make a difference’

At the beginning of the month we hosted our second annual event to discuss how we can better collaborate to tackle industry wide issues surrounding child sexual exploitation.

NetClean welcomed an unusally wide spectrum of audiences for this issue, with 170 attendees, ranging from executives from private and public sector organisations to NGOs, law enforcement, healthcare, social services, schools and even interested members of the public.

At the heart of what we try to achieve, by inviting this wide pool of visitors, is to define child sexual abuse as a global and non-industry specific problem. No one entity can tackle the problem alone. Yet, it’s still a topic that many struggle to acknowledge, let alone talk about. Furthermore, many incidents remain unreported to the police, despite the already high volume of cases being investigated and growing in size for law enforcers.

While the media often tends to paint a negative picture about these facts in their headlines, our aim is to help various industries navigate their challenges by hearing about the positive changes that are happening under the radar.

As part of the event, we heard from Swedish and International police, Swedish government offices and Telia Company, which are making positive steps to join the fight. As part of its bid to stamp out criminal activity, Telia has taken measures to ensure its networks cannot be used to access or distribute child sexual abuse material.

Pinpointing the companies who are making a difference like this, should always be used to inspire those who are just starting out on their journey. We wanted to help attendees to share their ideas, discuss the challenges they face and to better understand how we can collectively effect change.

Decisive actions to better protect children and make the world a better place, don’t happen overnight. Yet, having so many invested parties in the room to network and explore how we tackle this issue together, is a positive first step.

Events like this also provide a forum where partnerships and joint efforts can be made to champion new and revised ways of working. Together we can make the internet a safer place, identify and locate children at risk and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

As part of our efforts moving forward, we hope that new initiatives will grow as new organisations and individuals are inspired to get involved. If you’d like to hear more about the efforts of NetClean and its partners, please take a look here.