The future is here — The Internet of Things

The future is here — The Internet of Things
5 April, 2017 Christian Berg
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The future is here — The Internet of Things

Recently our CTO Mattias Shamlo and I attended CeBit, the world’s biggest event for Global Digital Business, where we had the opportunity to look at emerging trends and do some thinking around what they will mean for our industry.

The dominating theme at this year’s event was clearly the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT featured last year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but at that stage the plans and development were still rather unclear. This year this is no longer the case.

The IoT is now en route to becoming ubiquitous. Not only will all the things in our homes be connected; everything in the world will be connected to the Internet. The purpose will be to provide people with more information, and to collect information from them.



Everything will be connected to different cloud based services. There will be many different service providers, but the already existing global giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft will continue to dominate the market. However, all big companies, such as Apple, Ericsson, Huawei, to mention to a few, will have their own solutions and a stake in the development of the Internet of Things. NetClean has already developed a cloud called nCloud.

Everything will be connected

Everything on the IoT will be connected through a 5G net. This will create great new opportunities for many businesses. Companies such as Ericsson and Huawei will have a significant role in developing the new infrastructure needed. Service providers will have the task connecting everything, and their market share is likely to grow beyond merely providing capacity. Through the 5G net and the IoT they will be able to also provide physical location-based services, which will be unique to the provider. Service providers are already in the process of developing platforms for delivering services directly to their customers.

Regulation and protection will be key

The IoT will improve peoples’ lives in many ways, however current problems that exist on the Internet will not go away, and new ones are likely to arise. For example, governments in some countries will have increased opportunities to monitor the population, and hacking may become a more frequent problem. When it comes to NetClean and child sexual abuse, this development will also have significant implications. With the evolution of technology and connectivity the number of potential attack vectors against children will increase; there will be more ways for perpetrators to contact children. It will be more important than ever to tackle child sexual abuse, and to find new technical solutions to prevent the dissemination of child sexual abuse material.

We believe that the development of the IoT and an even more connected and globalised world will also create a greater focus on business ethics. Countries that want to invest in, and be a part of, this development will need to change and develop their stance and policies to match the ethics and responsibilities of the global network. In time these regulations will be homogenised and the world will have to adjust, and countries that currently do not prioritise combatting child sexual abuse will have to work pro-actively to keep their networks ‘clean’ in order to be successful on the global market.

The future is bright

The conclusion after CeBIT is that there is a really exciting future ahead of us. It may not be too bold to state that what we are seeing now is a third stage in the development of the Internet: the first wave being the creation of the Internet itself; the second mobile Internet; and now a ubiquitous Internet, everywhere. All the previous phases have created corporate giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook. Now development will happen on a global scale and the new giants will come from all over the world, and not just the USA as before. The winners will be those who can attract the most partners and build the biggest eco-system around their Internet development.

NetClean and its parent company Safer Society Group are well positioned to play an important role in this future. As more countries and businesses join the global arena and the IoT, there will be an increased need for our products and work to prevent the dissemination of online child sexual abuse and use technology to solve other societal problems.

The future is bright, there are exciting times ahead and both NetClean and Safer Society Group will have a great stake in this connected future.