Efforts to stop child sexual abuse material – a hygiene factor

Efforts to stop child sexual abuse material – a hygiene factor
9 April, 2017 Anna Borgström
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Efforts to stop child sexual abuse material – a hygiene factor

Several Internet Service Providers have committed to blocking websites on the open internet that are known to contain child sexual abuse material. In Sweden, there is a collaboration between the Internet Service Providers and the Swedish Police to reinforce this.

One operator that has worked with this issue for a long period of time is Swedish based Tele2. In the NetClean Report 2016 we reported that every month, Tele2 blocks half a million searches for child sexual abuse material. In the report, the Director of Group Security & Business Insurance at Tele2, Jonas Lindström, explained the company’s drive to engage with this issue:

Efforts to stop child sexual abuse material – a hygiene factor
Jonas Lindström, Director of Group Security & Business Insurance at Tele2

Helping to stop the spread of child sexual abuse material and child sexual abuse is such an important issue that we want to do everything we can to stop it. The effort falls within the framework of corporate social responsibility, but we see it more as a hygiene factor. It is not about financial interests, we are pushing this issue because it is important, and is something that we are proud of.

Since 2012, we have been blocking child sexual abuse material in all countries we operate within, including Sweden, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

By blocking this material, we prevent users from accessing it. It is extremely important to point out that the only material blocked includes websites that law enforcement agencies have classified as containing child sexual abuse material – nothing else.

In all nine countries that we operate, we also take responsibility for our internal IT infrastructure to ensure that abuse material is not handled within the company. This means that we can detect if someone manages illicit material on their work computer. We have a mature and stringent internal process for handling this, and effective dialogue with the relevant authorities.

The internal response has been very positive. Employees feel great pride that we are doing something tangible to tackle these issues. It is having a real impact and is making a difference!

This is such an important issue, doing this is almost a given, but you have to have the courage to take action. It is of course up to each and every business to make their own decision, but to us it is important to be transparent and clear that we have taken a stand on this issue. Even though we have been working on this initiative for several years, we have rarely communicated it externally. Now we want to take a more formal role and challenge our industry, as well as others to follow suit.