A release that affects in the background

A release that affects in the background
16 May, 2017 NetClean
NEWS 2017/05/16

A release that affects in the background

Last week, a new version of NetClean ProActive (17.1.0) was released. The major update is that the Windows, Mac and Linux agents have been moved to the same platform. Björn Samvik, software architect for NetClean ProActive, tells us more about the work behind the release and the benefits for the customers.

“Last year we released NetClean ProActive for Mac and Linux on a common platform. With this release, the Windows agent is also running on the new platform. These changes are not something that the customers will notice, but they will greatly benefit from them.”

By sharing code between the agents, we do not have to maintain three different code bases. The advantage for the customers is that it becomes faster and easier to implement new functionality, quality assure the product and focus on product performance. The product can also be improved at a faster rate.

“It has involved an extensive effort to migrate all agents to a new code base. We have rewritten, moved, adapted, improved and extracted platform-dependent parts. For us developers, this step is very positive, it will simplify our work,” says Björn.

Björn Samvik has been working at NetClean for about 4.5 years, with NetClean ProActive, and has been software architect for the product for the past 1.5 years.

“It’s both interesting and challenging to work with three different operating systems and a multitude of different versions of these. It places great demands on both code quality and testing. What’s exciting about working with ProActive is the range – from “kernel drivers” and embedded systems to server and desktop applications. Even some web sneak in. It’s fun!”

In addition to the above changes, the release also includes bug fixes and performance improvements as well as support for “trackings” on all agents.

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