Collaboration – hearing from invested sectors and businesses

Collaboration – hearing from invested sectors and businesses
6 March, 2018 Anna Borgström

Collaboration — hearing from invested sectors and businesses

In The NetClean Report 2017, Part 2 of the report, we highlight what I believe is one of the main components of tackling online child sexual abuse crime – collaboration.

I liken this collaboration to a cog-wheel, with all sectors playing their part and fitting in together. Legislature, judiciary, industry, academia, NGOs, telecommunications, and the financial sector, to name a few, are among the sectors that can, and already make, a considerable impact.

Throughout the year we are going to publish a series of blogs featuring the sectors and voices included in our report. They will each share how they view their role in the effort to stop child sexual abuse, and why their involvement is so important.


NetClean Report 2017

The featured organisations, businesses and individuals are great role models for other stakeholders that are in a position to take action. And, in order to get the cogs not yet invested moving, we need to educate, share the information we have, and highlight simple but important facts that businesses, for example, can help care for tomorrow’s workforce.

NetClean fits into this wheel with the technology that we provide, but also by working to influence all parts of society to understand this problem and assume a role in tackling it. We’re pointing to the wheel of cogs and saying – there are ways to take action, regardless of organisation!

We are on to a good start. I can’t stress often enough that despite the growing problem of online child sexual abuse, we are seeing a positive trend. More sectors are educating themselves – or are allowing themselves to be educated. More industries, corporations and government bodies understand that they can use technology for good and that they play a part in safe-guarding children by doing their bit and working together.

We must find as many images and films containing child sexual abuse material as we can, and using this metaphor of the cogwheel – mechanical engineering at its best – shows that if everyone gets involved we can speed up the rate of detection and find and rescue more children.