Release: NetClean Report <br>2019

Release: NetClean Report
5 December, 2019 NetClean
NEWS 2019/12/05

Release: NetClean Report 2019

Released today, NetClean’s yearly survey and investigation into child sexual abuse crime. It is an investigation into child sexual abuse crime and trends in technology which affect both the production and consumption of the crime.

The results show that new technology is both aiding and preventing online child sexual abuse, and that businesses need to expand their insight and technological defences to safeguard their IT environments and fight child sexual abuse.

The report consists of two surveys, one with 450 police officers from 41 countries around the world, looking specifically at live-streamed child sexual abuse material, storage of child sexual abuse material and emerging technologies, and the second with 100 US based businesses with more than 5,000 employees.

The first survey shows that a majority of police officers believe that live-streamed child sexual abuse is on the increase. It also shows that it is most common to see evidence of live-streamed child sexual abuse from the US and Europe – with most of this abuse reported to have been produced voluntarily or is induced through coercion or sexual extortion. Webcam shows ordered online, often from the Philippines, is less common in investigations.

The business survey shows that a large majority of businesses have policies and action plans in place to deal with child sexual abuse, however the same result shows that most businesses do not invest in specific technology to detect this material. Instead these businesses rely on protection like filter solutions that are not designed to capture child sexual abuse material.

Set against the Sustainable Development Goals the findings of the NetClean Reports hold a light to business. The aim is to inform and also elaborate on what businesses can do to work towards the SDGs. With this in mind the NetClean Report also contains a section detailing available technology used to detect, block and fight child sexual abuse material.

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