Methods available to stop stop child sexual abuse material

Methods available to stop stop child sexual abuse material
27 March, 2020 NetClean

Methods available to stop stop child sexual abuse material

The internet is a complex multi-layered place which provides many ways for perpetrators to share child sexual abuse material. Therefore, there is no one technology or solution that alone can police the internet against online child sexual abuse material. To effectively fight the spread of child sexual abuse material, different technologies must be applied by all by all who use the internet and have an interest in making it a safe space for future generations, which includes viable business planning.

If all businesses and organisations in the world – billions of computers and networks – took appropriate action, the opportunity to find and disrupt the spread of online child sexual material would increase infinitely.

In the case of businesses, the investment, appropriate action, lies in technology. Child sexual abuse crime is a complicated crime, one that is not easy to understand nor fight, but what is clear is that specialist technologies must be applied to stop the dissemination online.

There are a number of technologies that can be applied by businesses, and in the last section of the NetClean Report 2019 we present an overview of technologies and methods available to businesses to stop child sexual abuse material. The articles are a revision and abridgement of longer and more technically detailed articles published here. In a series of blog posts we will compare the different technologies and show how they complement each other. The first technology presented is Binary Hashing and you can read more about it here.



Robust hashing