Brighthood conference 2020: VMware

Brighthood conference 2020: VMware
24 November, 2020 Anna Borgström
In Business, Child protection

Brighthood conference 2020:

Innovation and transformation are vital to securing a safer future – both on and off line – therefore, digital innovation and technological transformation is where we most need to focus our energy and investment.

This is where the private sector has a major role to play. It must ensure that the goals that it works towards are in the interest of the greater good and to society at large – be it working to save the icecaps from melting or ensuring that children are safe online.

VMware is a business that I consider a trailblazer in innovation and transformation. Ever since the company’s inception it has invested in technology innovations transforming entire industries – from banking, healthcare, and government to retail, manufacturing and transportation.

It does so in order to solve some of the big challenges we face today – by using technology as a force for good. By partnering with NetClean, VMware’s customers can enhance their business integrity by managing risk and protecting their brands, by blocking and detecting online child sexual abuse and detecting problems such as malware which is often downloaded together with illegal material.

NetClean entered the partnership with VMware in May this year and we were very happy to invite Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer at VMware, to talk at the Brighthood Conference.

The future has changed

The format of the Brighthood Conference was different this year – not surprisingly because of COVID-19. We filmed it in Stockholm but did not ask anyone but the panelists to attend in person. Those who participated from other countries used technology to attend via links, and so did the audience who we asked to join us on YouTube or Facebook live.

This format has already become somewhat normalised now that the world has adapted to the virus outbreak, but what we need to discuss now is whether we return to things as they were before the outbreak, or not.

Poonen, said in his presentation on innovating for the future, that post COVID it is very likely that we will not go back to a model where everyone must be in the office in person. Working from home, without prejudice, and zooming into meetings will become much more commonplace.

“Digitalisation can be an agent for change, especially if technology companies and other industries think about their communities as one of their stakeholders”

Keeping the internet safe – keeping children safe

Poonen said that with developments in how we work comes increased digitalisation and increased threats. It is important that we take steps to ensure that we are safe when using digital tools, therefore technology companies must build infrastructure and safe products for us to use.

Companies are now happy to pay for protection. Chief Security Officers have budgets to invest in security as most big industries have seen security breaches and threats. But we must continue to broaden the scope of threats and ensure that it includes threats against children.

Online child sexual abuse material doesn’t just constitute a security threat to employees and the businesses IT infrastructure and reputation; it also constitutes a threat to communities.

Digitalisation can be an agent for change, especially if technology companies and other industries think about their communities as one of their stakeholders.