Brighthood Conference 2020: SKF

Brighthood Conference 2020: SKF
10 December, 2020 Anna Borgström
In Business, Child protection

Brighthood conference 2020:

At the Brighthood Conference 2020 we heard from businesses in the IT sector that actively work to use their technology for good, and from banks that monitor their systems to ensure that they do not facilitate payments for crime.

It is, however, important that all businesses and organisations, not just those in the tech and financial industries, invest in safeguarding children online. Therefore we invited Daniel Taube, Group Ethics and Compliance Officer at the SKF Group, to speak at the Brighthood Conference 2020.

A global responsibility

SKF is a big and prominent employer in Gothenburg, the city in which it was founded more than 100 years ago. Today it has more than 40, 000 employees in 130 countries across the world, and works according to the motto: ‘As a global company we have a global responsibility’.

Taube stated in his presentation that being a global company means working to understand trends and drivers that will or might have the potential to affect the future markets, regions and industries in which they operate.

They see sustainability as a business enabler, and as a pre-requisite for a successful future for the company. As such they celebrate the upsides of being a global company by tapping into the global network to embrace diversity and what different markets, cultures and regions can offer.

A sustainability framework

Through SKF Care, the company’s sustainability framework, SKF takes social responsibility for the communities in which they operate. Apart from working to minimise their environmental impact, the company also supports Human Rights initiatives, by identifying salient rights through the Human Rights Impact Assessment.

SKF also investigates how the company can aid communities through investments in digitalisation, while also working to understand how it can affect vulnerable groups. The company takes pride in utilising NetClean ProActive and in assisting law enforcement across the globe by passing on intelligence when the software has detected child sexual abuse material in their IT environment or on a device.

“The support of children is included in the heart of the company’s operations, because that is where their sustainability framework sits. At the core of the business.”

Support the positive and fight the negative

Fighting the negative sides of globalisation and digitalisation, and caring for communities is becoming a prominent aspect of Human Rights work these days. Taube pointed out that when they invest in children, they don’t only do an important job in helping to look after their immediate welfare, but it is also an investment in the future, as children are their future employees and customers.

The support of children is included in the heart of the company’s operations, because that is where their sustainability framework sits. At the core of the business. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a side project, and Taube spoke proudly of the work that the company does to both celebrate the positive and to fight the negative – however murky it may be.

We need more businesses to operate like this. Every sector needs to realise and embrace their global responsibility and view the communities in which they operate as key stakeholders. SKF is a really good example of this, and we were pleased to be able to include them at the Brighthood Conference 2020.