Is Child Sexual Abuse seen as a “soft crime”​ by businesses?

Is Child Sexual Abuse seen as a “soft crime”​ by businesses?
17 February, 2022 NetClean
NEWS 2022/02/17

Is Child Sexual Abuse seen as a “soft crime”​ by businesses?

By Anna Borgström, NetClean CEO

One of the things I love about my job is that I often find myself having interesting and engaging conversations with people I meet. Our products ProActive and ProTective do more than secure businesses IT environment against child sexual abuse material, they address a problem that awakens empathy and touches people’s hearts.

Most conversations I have tend to be open and genuine and revolve around ethical values, leadership, and companies’ unique position to drive change.

A topic that has recurred in conversations over the years is whether products like NetClean’s should be free of charge for businesses. I find that to be an interesting conversation as few things in life are for free, and in business that’s never the case. No matter how good the cause, someone’s always got to pay in the end.

Building a company that last and last and last.

It is my firm belief that If companies are to exist over time a sustainable business model needs to be in place. Simply because there is a cost of doing business, the company must be able to develop and maintain the products. They need to employ talents to innovate the products to keep them relevant to the ever-changing enterprise environment. And finally, they need to bring the products to the market, onboard new customers and keep existing customers happy.

All technology businesses want to scale. Everyone wants their product to be used by more people in more parts of the world but for us at NetClean, I feel scaling is a kind of moral obligation. The more we grow and the faster we scale, the more lives we change.

Is child sexual abuse seen as a “soft crime” by businesses?

I had an interesting conversation with a police officer the other day, he was frustrated because he felt child sexual abuse was perceived as “a soft crime” by his department and he said that “soft crimes” don’t get the same budget allocation as “real crimes” like cybercrimes, terrorism, homicide, and drugs. When I asked him what a “soft crime” was, he said that it is crimes against women, children and the most vulnerable in society.

I couldn’t help reflecting on whether NetClean’s products are sometimes perceived in a similar way by businesses. Are they seen to handle a “soft crime” not worth investing in, given that a lot of investments are made into other cyber security products?

Businesses remain profoundly unprotected against child sexual abuse material.

The risk to businesses is extremely clear and yet they remain profoundly unprotected against child sexual abuse material. In NetClean Insights 2021 we surveyed 1000 IT professionals in five markets, the UK, US, Sweden, Belgium, and The Netherlands. 64% said that they had a case of child sexual abuse material in the last five years and 57% of those had had repeated incidents in the same organization.

I’m sure the cost for an unhealthy IT environment infiltrated by child sexual abuse material varies. However, I do know who pays a fathomless price when companies allow this crime to take place in the workplace, and that is the children depicted in the images and videos.

Products that protect IT-environments against child sexual abuse material adds to the bottom line.

NetClean offers ethical, value-driven and ESG-focused businesses software products that make them more resilient. Our customers demonstrate to investors that they take clear action to improve society by using products whose impact is concrete and documented. We add to the bottom line and I believe that companies that work to build their resilience and incorporate their CSR strategy into their core business, and not run them as philanthropical side-projects, are the winners in the long run.

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Is Child Sexual Abuse seen as a “soft crime”​ by businesses?
Is Child Sexual Abuse seen as a “soft crime”​ by businesses?

Is certain misuse of company assets perceived as less risk to the IT security due to the nature of the crime? Are they being overlooked simply because they are considered to be “soft crimes”?