Unparalleled insights into the state of child sexual abuse material and the IT industry

About the report

In January 2023, we conducted our second survey into the state of the IT industry’s response to child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Discover what 519 senior IT professionals across the UK, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands reported on the topic.

How prepared is the IT industry in dealing with the risks associated with this material? How many have experienced incidents in the past five years? What actions are needed? Discover the answers to these questions and many more in our latest report, available now.


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Some of the questions answered in the report

  • How has the post-pandemic landscape, with changed working patterns, affected the risks to companies?

  • Which roles within IT security are most concerned about the increased amount of CSAM and the associated risks?

  • How many have experienced an incident involving child sexual abuse material in the past five years?

  • How many suspect that child sexual abuse material is being stored on their company devices?

  • How do increased technology and protection against external threats affect the risk landscape?

  • How high is IT professional's awareness about CSAM and the risks it poses to companies?

The gap between awareness and action

These insights paint a picture we mustn’t ignore. Changes in the way we work have changed the way abusers behave, creating new and deeper risks for corporate security professionals. Those in the know realize the dangers - but there’s a gap between understanding and action.