The state of child sexual abuse material and the IT industry


A first-of-its-kind survey assessing child sexual abuse material and the IT Industry, targeting senior IT professionals, the threats they are facing and what actions they see necessary.

The most senior IT professionals in the US, UK, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands were interviewed for this report. The selection also represents IT professionals from different sizes of organizations, from 50 to more than 1000 employees.


Some of the questions answered in the report

  • How well is the industry protected against child sexual abuse material?

  • How many organizations have experienced cases of child sexual abuse material in the last 5 years?

  • How many suspect that this type of material is present on computers in their organization?

  • What kind of devices are primarily involved?

  • What vectors are used? And what actions are needed?

  • Is the prevalence of child sexual abuse material underestimated within the industry?

With the possibilities today to work from anywhere, at any time, with company property, connected to company network, there will be a risk of significance that employees at any level will execute their sexual interest in children by consuming child abuse material.


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