Karlskrona Municipality: A collaborative approach to tackling CSAM threat with Insight and NetClean


It’s an uncomfortable truth, but in the digital age, the number and nature of cybersecurity threats businesses and organizations face is increasing exponentially. Of these threats, the spread of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is one of the most alarming. We asked Karlskrona Municipality’s Head of Security, Anders Wiklander how Insight and NetClean software solutions have helped his local authority meet this threat robustly.

Over and above their legal obligations, local authorities are no different from private businesses in that they have a moral and ethical responsibility to do everything possible to prevent the dissemination of child sexual abuse material within their IT networks.

Fail to do so and the negative legal consequences, damage to their brand or public image and loss of trust by the citizens they are serving inevitably follow. Anders Wiklander is keen to stress that Karlskrona Municipality fully understand this responsibility.

The bottom line for us is that we work for the people of our municipality. We have to show them that we are dealing with this issue professionally and with the serious response it demands. We can’t be perceived as a place where this kind of crime can take a foothold. Insight and NetClean software plays a big part in helping us achieve this.
There are several features of NetClean software that Anders is particularly impressed with. In particular, the fact that the software runs smoothly and seamlessly in the background and that it monitors every licensed device efficiently and discreetly.

Karlskrona Municipality have not been affected by a case of CSAM during the years Anders has been Head of Security. However, if this unfortunate event should ever occur, the Insight consultancy and the NetClean software solution makes gathering the data law enforcement agencies require to investigate and prosecute much more straightforward – it’s this fusion of simplicity and reliability and the peace of mind it enables that has put NetClean at the forefront of efforts to counter the grave threat CSAM represents.

If an employee uses a work device to access CSAM, it is an established fact that cyber criminals can use this to leverage the individual and by doing so seriously compromise the security of an organization, its data and the integrity of their brand or reputation. Following Insight suggestions and using advanced software like NetClean's, Karlskrona Municipality has taken a significant step to counter this threat as well as showing a clear commitment to creating a safe online environment for everyone in their IT network. At the same time, they are leading the way by taking an active role in pushing back against those who exploit and abuse minors.

Insight, thanks to the collaboration with NetClean, is able to offer a smart and automated solution to support Karlskrona’s ambition to prevent harm to vulnerable members of our society.
Insight, partnering with NetClean, was able to offer a smart and automated solution to support Karlskrona’s ambition to protect their workplace and prevent harm to vulnerable members of our society. Insight is playing an important role helping their clients with a solution that not only does good for the community but also frees up their time to focus on countering other potential threats.