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  • Aug092022

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence, AI, is increasingly being used in child sexual abuse investigations, by helping to recognise, categorise and triage material. In this article we look closer at the technology and how it works.

  • Aug022022

    Robust Hashing

    Discover robust hashing and how it is used to fingerprint and detect online child sexual abuse material on a content level.

  • Jul262022

    Binary Hashing

    Learn more about binary hashing and how it is used to fingerprint and discover child sexual abuse material on content level.

  • Jul192022

    Filter Technologies

    Child sexual abuse material is illegal and more prevalent than one would like to think. It can be caught by firewalls and in this article, we look at the different filter technologies that are available.

  • Jun012022

    Child sexual abuse material and the IT industry response

    A lack of awareness of what the problem of child sexual abuse material really is and hesitation in terms of how to react if it affects your business. These and many other issues were raised when Police Superintendent Björn Sällström, Cyber Security expert Brian Honan and NetClean CEO Anna Borgström gathered to discuss the finding of NetClean Insights, a report detailing the IT industry’s response to the threat posed by child sexual abuse material.

  • May252022

    Driving a scale-up

    Over the past year, we’ve transformed NetClean completely. We’re taking the company from the start-up phase to the scale-up phase and finally, we’re in the process of expanding.

  • May092022

    NetClean Strengthens Leadership Team with Appointment of CFO

    NetClean, the fast-growing Swedish software company that provides products to detect and block Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) in corporate IT environments, further strengthens its leadership team.

  • Apr012022

    When the threat comes from inside

    Insider threats are becoming a burning issue for organizations globally, as a single act of an employee could cost a fortune for the company’s security. Employees with a sexual interest in children are posing a great risk for any company.

  • Feb172022

    Is Child Sexual Abuse seen as a “soft crime”​ by businesses?

    Is certain misuse of company assets perceived as less risk to the IT security due to the nature of the crime? Are they being overlooked simply because they are considered to be “soft crimes”?

  • Jan182022

    An elevated risk for businesses as new data shows the worst year on record for child sexual abuse online

    The COVID-19 pandemic is like a perfect storm for perpetrators. Lockdowns have had a major impact on both children and adults as they have spent more time online, and the result is a dramatic increase in online child sexual abuse crime. Now we know that by fact.

  • Nov222021

    Reflections on the NetClean Insights report

    Last week NetClean released NetClean Insights, a first-of-its-kind survey targeting senior IT professionals and assessing the threat that they face from child sexual abuse material (CSAM). I must say that I was taken by the numbers that were revealed but I’m not at all surprised.

  • Nov092021

    What’s Up – Oscar Pettersson and the Advanced VMware Partnership

    Recently we celebrated that we took our collaboration with VMware to the next level by becoming an Advanced Technology Alliance Partner. Find out from Oscar Pettersson, our Strategic Alliance Lead, what the top benefits are for customers and what has been most exciting so far.

  • Oct222021

    What’s up – Emma Rosell and Gothenburg Tech week

    This week, NetClean CTO Emma Rosell is part of the panel for Gothenburg Tech week, and we grabbed her on the go to ask five quick questions. Find out about her biggest career mistake and learning, how an early version of Apple triggered her to pursue a role in tech, and what her favorite NetClean product features are.

  • Oct082021

    A word from our CEO

    In the middle of the pandemic, NetClean fundamentally changed its strategy and partnered up with VMware – one of the biggest IT companies in the world. In this blog post, NetClean CEO Anna Borgström reflects on how it is to dance with the giants and what she has learned from some of the industry’s top leaders.

  • Sep232021

    Arrow Electronics signs distribution agreement with NetClean

    The global technology provider Arrow Electronics has signed a distribution agreement with NetClean. The agreement gives Arrow’s channel partners access to NetClean’s products ProActive and ProTective, which help ethical businesses discover and reduce the spread of child sexual abuse material.

  • Jun282021

    New iOS app protects business iPhones and iPads

    The NetClean ProTective Suite is growing and with the latest addition, the ProTective iOS app, it is now easier than ever to mitigate security risks and protect business mobile phones and tablets from child sexual abuse material.

  • Jun082021

    Meet Hanna Belleus – New Chief Marketing Officer at NetClean

    Our latest recruit, and great addition to NetClean, is Hanna Belleus who joins us as our new CMO. With a long track record of driving businesses forward we are excited about our future. We’re also excited to see if she will affect the team’s fitness level as Hanna is a passionate mountain biker who rarely sits still. 

  • Jun012021

    Our first Australian customer – Save the Children – is live with NetClean ProActive

    Save the Children Australia is breaking new ground and takes another step in their mission to create a brighter future for children. Through their installation of NetClean ProActive they’re not only disrupting the spread of child sexual abuse material but…

  • Apr082021

    New technology interoperability responds to the increased risks to corporate IT systems associated with remote workers

    The Covid-19 pandemic has driven a sharp increase in IT security risk for businesses, as employees working from home use corporate IT equipment to access or share child sexual abuse material.

  • Mar172021

    Meet Emma Rosell – New Chief Technology Officer at NetClean

    In February, we were delighted when Emma Rosell, our new CTO, joined the NetClean team. Although busy with meeting her team and getting to know the business, she found time for a chat, in which we covered…

  • Jan292021

    NetClean’s detection and blocking technologies available on VMware Workspace ONE

    NetClean ProActive and NetClean ProTective are now available on VMware’s Workspace ONE platform. The integration makes it easier for businesses and organisations to protect their IT environments…

  • Jan262021

    Eight reasons why companies decide to stop child sexual abuse material in their corporate environment

    Learn more about why companies decide to address child sexual abuse material in corporate environments, and how that has become even more important in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal of remote work.

  • Jan262021

    New NetClean Report released today shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected child sexual abuse crime

    The NetClean Report – COVID-19 Impact 2020 shows that the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global increase in online child sexual abuse crime.

  • Jan262021

    Why companies decide to address child sexual abuse material in a corporate environment

    Interviews with sixteen decision makers on the reasons behind companies’ decision to stop child sexual abuse material in corporate IT environments.

  • Jun022020

    Webinar: New protection for business mobile devices – NetClean ProTective

    What is NetClean ProTective and how does it work? Join us next Thursday, June 11, for a live webinar on why it is important to protect business…

  • May282020

    NetClean releases new protection for mobile devices

    NetClean ProTective is the newest member in the NetClean product suite. It is used to protect mobile devices in business IT environments against child…

  • May142020

    Meet Kristofer Linnestjerna – Developer with 15 years at NetClean

    Many of NetClean’s employees have been with us for a long time. One of them is Kristofer Linnestjerna who joined…

  • May082020

    NetClean Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program

    NetClean today announced it has joined the VMware Technology Alliance…

  • Mar182020


    At NetClean we value the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers. Therefore we are taking the steps we can to limit the spread…

  • Mar182020

    Sustainability, Ethical Leadership and tackling child sexual abuse

    The mobile industry was the first to commit to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and as the trade…

  • Dec052019

    Release: NetClean Report

    Released today, NetClean’s yearly survey and investigation into child sexual abuse crime. It is an investigation into child…

  • Sep202019

    Networking around how to protect municipalities’ IT environment

    Last week, representatives from municipalities in the Swedish region…

  • Sep132019

    H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden visited the NetClean office

    Yesterday H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden visited the NetClean office, to meet the whole NetClean team and hear about…

  • Aug302019

    City of Gothenburg’s CIO about protecting work computers

    Why is it important that a local authority, or a business, works to stop child sexual abuse material?

  • Aug292019

    Stakeholders discussed streamlining of work to safeguard children

    At a recent meeting in Värmland, Sweden, representatives from local authorities…

  • Aug022019

    Anna Maria Corazza Bildt in an interview from #skillnadpåriktigt 2018

    Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, Swedish member of the European Parliament…

  • Jul162019

    John Shehan in an interview from #Skillnadpåriktigt 2018

    John Shehan, NCMEC, speaks about the importance of taking a collaborative approach in the fight against child sexual…

  • Jul042019

    New release: Performance profiles and detection on encrypted USB flash drives

    The latest release of NetClean ProActive, 19.2.0, includes two interesting updates…

  • Jul012019

    Invitation: Conference on solutions to fight child sexual abuse

    We are proud to present a great line-up of highly experienced speakers from…

  • Jun282019

    Michael Sheath, in an interview from #Skillnadpåriktigt 2018

    Michael Sheath speaks about the psychological drivers that lead some people to view child sexual abuse…

  • May162019

    The developers behind NetClean’s new web-console

    Thomas Ohlauson and Johan Stenberg are the developers that have worked on the new web-console.

  • May162019

    Product release: PhotoDNA searches and NetClean Web Console

    The latest NetClean ProActive release (19.1.0) includes two new exciting…

  • Apr172019

    Save the date #skillnadpåriktigt becomes the Brighthood Conference

    Save the date for the Brighthood Conference in Stockholm…

  • Feb042019

    Björn Sellström in an interview from #skillnadpåriktigt 2018

    INTERPOL’s Björn Sellström in an interview from conference #skillnadpåriktigt in October 2018…

  • Feb042019

    New NetClean ProActive release: Distributed communication nodes

    Receive immediate alert reports even when computers are outside of the office environment…

  • Nov292018

    Release: NetClean Report

    The NetClean Report, which is released today, is a yearly investigation into child sexual abuse crime…

  • Oct252018

    Stakeholders came together for #Skillnadpåriktigt 2018

    Over 320 people attended the conference on 1st October in Stockholm to discuss solutions to stop online child sexual…

  • Aug272018

    NetClean invited to speak at ”Zero tolerance” project

    Next week, we will attend an event for the ”Zero tolerance” project in Landskrona, Sweden, to talk about…

  • Jul172018

    Arnold Guerin in an interview from #skillnadpåriktigt 2017

    About how technology and collaboration have been the key piece in the fight against child sexual abuse….

  • Jul052018

    Caroline Engvall in an interview from #skillnadpåriktigt 2017

    About the developments on the issue of child sexual abuse, what she believes is the most important mission ahead…

  • May242018

    GDPR: How NetClean ProActive is affected by the new legislation

    The GDPR enters into force on 25 May 2018. Here we explain briefly how NetClean ProActive is affected by the…

  • May032018
    NetClean Technical Model National Response

    New National Response Model focusing on Technology

    The model focuses solely on the different technologies and methodologies that need to be in place to effectively fight…

  • Apr202018

    Steven Wilson – “We have taken a huge step forward”

    Steven Wilson talks about where we are today in the fight against child sexual exploitation and what role…

  • Mar082018

    Anna Borgström – “Businesses have the power to create change”

    In an interview from conference #skillnadpåriktigt 2017, Head of NetClean, Anna Borgström, talks about how…

  • Mar082018

    Save the date – #skillnadpåriktigt 2018

    On October 1, we will open the doors to #skillnadpåriktigt 2018, one the most important conferences of the year…

  • Feb072018

    Richard Matti – new Sr. Manager Global Sales & Business Dev.

    At NetClean we are always looking for new talent, and recently we were fortunate to recruit Richard Matti to our team.

  • Nov132017

    Record breaking interest for #Skillnadpåriktigt

    250 people attended #skillnadpåriktigt on 5 October to listen to presentations from both Swedish and international…

  • Nov092017

    Welcome to our new Customer Portal

    To coincide with the release of 17.2 and our new look we are launching a new Customer Portal…

  • Nov072017

    New release: Improved appearance and functionality

    The latest version of NetClean ProActive, 17.2, contains many improvements that are not immediately visible to the eye…

  • Oct122017

    We are excited to reveal NetClean’s new look

    NetClean’s new look includes updated colors, new image style and partial new imagery. A big change is also the updated…

  • Sep212017

    Child sexual abuse material is a security issue

    In 2012 the Swedish Transport Administration made the decision to install NetClean ProActive to ensure that nobody…

  • Sep072017

    Hear Head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre

    Europol’s Head of European Cybercrime Centre, Steven Wilson, at #skillnadpåriktigt, October 5 2017 in Stockholm…

  • Sep062017

    Canadian Police speak at #skillnadpåriktigt

    Canada is one of the countries at the forefront of tackling child sexual exploitation material, and Sgt Arnold Guerin from…

  • Jul132017

    #skillnadpåriktigt – in partnership with ECPAT Sweden

    On October 5, we will open the doors to #skillnadpåriktigt 2017 (which means “making a real difference”), the most…

  • Jul122017

    Why you should attend #skillnadpåriktigt

    NetClean’s CEO Christian Berg talks about why NetClean created #skillnadpåriktigt, what he believes needs to be done…

  • Jul122017

    NetClean spoke about security at INHOPE Annual General Meeting

    In June this year, NetClean were invited to attend the international umbrella organisation INHOPE’s AGM & Hotline…

  • Jul112017

    NetClean invited to speak in New Delhi

    At the recent three-day ECPAT International South Asia Regional training event in New Dehli, India, the Head of NetClean…

  • May172017

    2017 ITWeb Security Summit in South Africa

    A short report from NetClean’s Oscar Pettersson on our participation at the 2017 ITWeb Security Summit in South Africa.

  • May162017

    A release that affects in the background

    Last week, a new version of NetClean ProActive (17.1.0) was released. The major update is that the Windows…

  • Apr252017

    Why the Government Offices of Sweden have taken a stand

    Since 2011, the Government Offices of Sweden have tools in place to detect child sexual abuse material…

  • Apr032017

    IWF annual report was released today

    The Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) annual report, released today, found that 60% of worldwide abuse…

  • Mar232017

    Watch the interview with doctor Åsa Kastbom

    Were you one of the participants at our annual seminar #skillnadpåriktigt (Make a real difference) in October…

  • Mar232017

    Safeguarding computers is both a safety and moral issue

    In the county of Värmland, Sweden, two local authorities have ensured that all networked computers are…

  • Mar222017

    New at NetClean – meet Sabina Atic, Quality Assurance Engineer

    “I have worked with Quality Assurance for twelve years, mostly with complex products in large…

  • Feb162017

    “We see that we have a big role to play”

    In November 2016, Head of sustainability at Telia Company, Anne Larilahti, was interviewed about how…

  • Dec142016

    Anna Borgström appointed new Head of NetClean

    Fredrik Frejme, Head of NetClean, has after eight years with NetClean decided to leave the company…

  • Nov142016

    The Netclean Report 2016 – A report about child sexual…

    The NetClean Report gives a unique insight into the experiences and accumulated knowledge of police…

  • Oct282016

    Telia Company calls upon companies to start detecting…

    According to statistics from NetClean one in every thousand employee uses a work computer to watch…

  • Sep272016

    Christian Berg, CEO at NetClean, participated in the panel…

    “The children who are abused and photographed always say that the abuse is one thing, but knowing…

  • Sep192016

    The importance of that adults can and have the courage to meet…

    The importance of that adults can and have the courage to meet children in their world, and that they…

  • Sep142016

    “We’ve had five cases that have led to measures being taken”

    “We’ve had five cases that have led to measures being taken, including pressing legal charges”…

  • Sep072016

    Mick Moran, INTERPOL – “No one sector can do this alone”

    “Not one sector can do this alone, not law enforcement, not government, not industry. It is a very…

  • Aug302016

    The connection between looking at pictures and sexually…

    “The connection between looking at pictures and sexually abusing children is quite strong…

  • Aug252016

    Patrik Håkansson – “An indication that a child is being abused”

    “This can give an indication that a child is being abused. If we get that indication, we can take action…

  • Aug222016

    85 children saved from one huge police effort

    85 children saved from one huge police effort that brought down one of the world’s largest paedophile…

  • Jun152016

    The City of Gothenburg implements NetClean ProActive

    The City of Gothenburg becomes the largest municipality in Sweden to implement a technical solution…

  • Jun082016

    Watch our new information film – The Dilemma

    On any ordinary day, while at work, there are people all over the world that watch child sexual abuse…

  • Mar292016

    NetCleans products are not used by Turkey

    Since summer 2014 there has been reoccurring rumours that NetClean’s products are used to monitor…

  • Jan212016

    Watch the film from #Skillnadpåriktigt 2015

    In October 2015 we organised the seminar #skillnadpåriktigt (Making a real difference) – a day on how…

  • Aug072015

    NetClean Analyze becomes Griffeye Analyze

    As the Safer Society Group is created, the digital media investigation platform NetClean Analyze is…

  • Aug072015

    Launch of parent company Safety Society Group

    Today, Safer Society Group has launched, established as part of a new organizational structure the…

  • Aug072015

    Safer Society Group donates the world’s leading technology…

    To solidify our commitment to fighting child sexual abuse, today, we are proud to announce that the…

  • Jun172015

    ​Tracking – new feature in Netclean ProActive

    Tracking is a new feature in ProActive that makes it possible to detect an external disk that has…