Meet Hanna Belleus – New Chief Marketing Officer at NetClean

Our latest recruit, and great addition to NetClean, is Hanna Belleus who joins us as our new CMO. With a long track record of driving businesses forward we are excited about our future. We’re also excited to see if she will affect the team’s fitness level as Hanna is a passionate mountain biker who rarely sits still.

Hi Hanna, Welcome! We’re so pleased to have you onboard. Tell me, what brought you to NetClean?

When I got the chance to join NetClean, it felt like a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ to be part of the company’s exciting growth journey and to scale the business globally, and at the same time ‘do good’ and enable a brighter future for children. It was really a mix of things that sparked my curiosity; the products, the super skilled people, the strong culture and a challenging role with the possibility to drive growth and change. It felt right both in my heart and my brain!

You’ve got a very interesting and rich background. What do you bring to NetClean?

I have a broad background working with the whole value chain of marketing and communications from several industries; hospitality, tech, design, lifestyle and new mobility – always in a global and cross-cultural setting. My passion is to drive transformation and to see the results that we achieve when all work towards a joint goal.

During the past 10 years I have led a number of change journeys with digitalization at the core and I have learned to let the data and user insight guide me when prioritizing and making decisions.

As a leader I enjoy making others shine and I put a lot of trust in my team. To NetClean I bring a curiosity for people and for technology, a strong will to collaborate and break down silos, a data and effect driven way of working, and a big portion of energy and drive.

You’ve got an interesting life outside of work too! What do you get up to?

When not using my energy for work, I use it to start a million different creative projects at home – everything from art exhibitions with my kids to renovating our kitchen and planning the next MTB (Mountain bike) camp. I spend way too many hours every week on my Trek Remedy 8 hitting the local trails, and on the downhill bike parks during summer – this satisfies my need for adrenalin (and keeps me fairly fit). My second job is actually as an MTB leader in Friluftsfrämjandet. My husband and I live in a house from 1911, with a huge garden, have two equally active kids and two bunnies, and we also run a parental cooperative – so we keep ourselves busy.

When there is time over, I do crossFit, and when there isn’t an ongoing pandemic, I love to travel, experience new things, go out for dinners and spend time with my friends.

NetClean has just started to implement a completely new business and growth strategy and this entails a big shift in how we work, communicate and take our products to the market.

And finally, what do you look forward to now?

NetClean have just started to implement a completely new business and growth strategy and this entails a big shift in how we work, communicate and take our products to the market. I can’t wait until we’ve gone a bit further into this process and can start trying out some of our new ideas for real – measure, learn and contribute.

I also look forward to spending more time together with my team, and getting to know every NetCleaner more – hopefully also meeting everyone live. Also, we have just started our first recruitment for the marketing team and I am so excited to see what digital stars there are out there who will be a good match for us.

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