NetClean and SCC Announce Strategic Partnership to Elevate Cybersecurity Defenses

NetClean is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the UK-based IT giant, SCC, to boost our cybersecurity capabilities together. This collaboration brings NetClean's unique software into SCC's Managed Security Services (XDR), refining threat detection and insider risk mitigation.

Integrating NetClean's software into SCC's security offerings enhances their XDR service, making business cybersecurity strategies more comprehensive. This partnership not only strengthens security measures but also broadens the defense against a spectrum of threats, including those overlooked by traditional security tools.

With its vast IT solutions spanning Europe and beyond, SCC leverages extensive experience and a commitment to cutting-edge technology to safeguard and empower businesses. Adding NetClean's software, SCC can now offer a more holistic security approach, effectively addressing both conventional cybersecurity challenges and insider threats with robust threat detection and valuable intelligence.

This partnership underscores NetClean’s and SCC's dedication to advancing security measures, ensuring their customers not only stay ahead of cyber threats but also meet policy compliance and data protection requirements, fostering a secure and compliant digital ecosystem.

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