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We're delighted to highlight our strategic partnership with boxxe, aimed at enhancing the security landscape in the UK.

The partnership

The NetClean – boxxe partnership

NetClean and boxxe have partnered to bring an unparalleled level of security software to the UK market, serving both public and private sectors. This collaboration ensures comprehensive protection against insider threats and seamlessly integrates with boxxe’s Managed Security Services for a holistic cybersecurity solution.

NetClean’s cutting-edge software, now integrated, enables companies to detect compromised assets and strengthen defenses against insider risks. This marks a significant advancement in safeguarding businesses, offering enhanced security measures, streamlined operations, and peace of mind in today’s complex digital landscape. Customers can trust that their digital assets and sensitive information are protected at the highest level.

About boxxe

We connect people in businesses across all sectors with hardware, software and managed IT services. Through 35 years of expertise, perfecting what works for you and tweaking what doesn’t, we implement flexible tech solutions, all underpinned by world-leading security and smart data management. Our range of services empower organisations, enhance teams, and provide tech solutions through strategic consultancy, enabling effective performance and transformation, accelerating growth, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. With a passion for sustainability, we put people, our partners and the environment at the heart of everything we do.

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  • The partnership with NetClean introduces a new angle to enhance our robust security offerings in the UK market. Our collaboration seamlessly integrates NetClean's cutting-edge software with our managed security services, providing our customers with comprehensive protection against cyber threats and vulnerabilities, surpassing the capabilities of other tools available in the market.
  • By integrating NetClean's cutting-edge software with boxxe's expertise, we're empowering businesses with a holistic solution that ensures comprehensive protection. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in safeguarding businesses, by detecting compromised assets and mitigating insider risks we reaffirm our commitment to staying ahead in today's complex digital landscape.

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